Why have kids?

You could be the spitting image of your father, and grandfathers. Similar build, same eyes, same cheekbones. Inheriting several of his hobbies and dispositions could also come with the pass downs.

Your great grandfather and grandfather could also be dead and dead for a long while you could never know them

It is by sheer chance that those genes influenced you more than anyone else in your lineage, but here you are. Here he is. You are him. His conscious mind is dead. He is not.

Be proud of your genetics. They are not perfect, but you have several enviable qualities. It’s because of these qualities that centuries ago, men with your genes fought for resources, status and women and were successful. Today, using their genes, you are becoming successful as well.

See, don’t think having kids is the ultimate measure of a man. It is the consequence of, not the driver of hedonistic desire. Men haven’t evolved baby rabies like women. However, some of us have healthy K-selected instincts to want to have and provide for our own spawn. There is something natural about it. It is due to these instincts that many would surely feel regret if they never became a father.

You see, too often this debate is black and white. There are sworn bachelors claiming anyone who marries and has kids is an idiot, and there are righteous family men claiming anyone who doesn’t pass his genes on isn’t a true man. People make their choice, then to make peace with their choice, they claim that it wasn’t a choice at all and anyone who claims otherwise is stupid.

Truth is, both sides are right and wrong.

I can’t argue with a guy who chooses to run free in an easy-sex society rather than settle down in the burdensome responsibility of providing for a wife and kids with a legal system stacked against him.

I can’t argue with a guy who wants to build a legacy and pass his accumulated knowledge and wealth to a genetic lineage of his own flesh and blood.

The men who crusade against having kids make great points. They are right, it is a huge risk and sacrifice. For many men, it is probably not a good choice. However, to those of us with K-selected instincts, NOT having kids would also be a sacrifice.

Life always contains trade-offs, evaluate your desires accordingly


4 thoughts on “Why have kids?

  1. Poon Pool says:

    Because KIDS are our future!

  2. bankerlicious says:

    I can’t be the only one reading these blog posts and thinking wow I probably share the exact same values and world views as this guy, lol!

  3. We Waz Kangz says:

    I’m aborting it if it’s a girl.

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