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The Pass Around


When a woman experiences intense euphoric pleasures with a man from the highest calibre, she can never go back to dating less men. Her hypergamy is strong. She will only seek to find men of a similar calibre or greater in the future.

Any man with a clear view of the world is aware that a woman’s sexual market value (SMV) diminishes with age after her early-20s. So what does a woman do if she wasted her prime years on a high-value man who discarded her when he got bored? She tries and tries to find another man who may or may not be looking for anything serious but is of a similar SMV to her past lover. This process generally leaves her getting pumped and dumped a few too many times.

A woman’s disgust for lesser, weak men is so strong she would rather go through years of emotional torture and drama in order to get moments of pleasure with men of her desire rather than longer term affection from a man she doesn’t deem as worthy.

Let that process in your mind for a while.

If you’re a chummy herb trying to win over that girl who’s just broken up with that douchebag boyfriend, she would rather go to another douchebag and be a slam piece than be lavished with your fine dining and weekends away.

And that is a truth.

These “Pass arounds” are often known as “Alpha widows”, whom are so deeply damaged by greater lovers in the past that many of them are very unlikely to heal fully. Their expectations have changed so much after experiencing uncontrollable attraction to a certain type of men that she simply will not give the time of day to many men. She is a widow. A pass around. Passed around a certain tier of men but never attaining commitment.

The most extreme case of this would be Monica Lewinsky. The woman who got worldwide fame for blowing Bill Clinton. Sure she got some cash out of the whole ordeal but since then her life has largely sucked. Evidenced from the following excerpt from Wikipedia:

By 2014, she had still not held a full-time job since leaving the Pentagon in 1997. A stable relationship leading to marriage, which she reportedly desired, had also not happened

Given the nature of her notoriety it would take a special type of loser to accept a president-blowing slore like her for marriage.

Another example is of women in certain countries having a preference for foreign men. This only really applies to non-western countries as Feminism has scaled the field so far in favour of women in the west that they struggle when they go to more traditional countries in the world. However, in parts of Europe and Asia, some women discover the novelty and pleasure of foreign men and after experiencing extreme enjoyment, they simply cannot pursue a relationship with a man of their own race. They become foreign groupies, maybe even secret society girls. But ultimately they’ll be passed around amongst foreigners.

The pass around is damaged goods, as a man you must recognise that she’s worn out and potentially unable to emotionally bond to such levels as she has previously experienced. My advice is to wear her out a bit more and pass her on to the next guy like she’s nothing special. No man wants to be the one ending up with someone else’s drama.



Daddy Government


Are all you gals sexually empowered now? How’s the new feminist family workin out? Woman + children and man is seperate. Big Daddy done up and took his place. If a man’s got no rights to his family, don’t expect him to have obligations either. You gals are the head of the household now.

Big Daddy will suck every last penny from the serfs to satisfy your slightest whim. The vote is your’s and the western world is exactly the way you’ve created it.

If a precious woman cries sexual harrassment ya call Big Daddy to punish the bad man. Dontcha? Men stand up individually for themselves. Women run to the State and demand punishment.

Exactly like a spoiled little child, women walk around slutwalking and demand Big Daddy spend lotsa time and money to guard their precious feelings. Big Daddy says, “sure” I’ll take your money and bill it to the people. Next, these same moronic women tromp about in their idiotic wallstreet protest. None of them have a clue as to why anyone is poor, (think entitlements).

The man in the household has been replaced by the government.

In the past, a woman would need a man, to love her, care for her, to provide for her. In return she would look after the home, provide him with love, femininity, fertility and the currency of her youth. It was natural, it allowed for family formation and fostered a nuclear family.

Now, daddy government gives a woman a safety net for all her mistakes.

A woman gets drunk and fucks a random guy and feels guilt the next morning, not to worry, just cry RAPE! Daddy government will put that bad man away and ruin his life!

A woman raw dogs a random guy, gets knocked up with a bastard spawn. Don’t worry! You’ll be provided with child support and financial benefit from daddy government. Oh if they aren’t his, he can still pay child support for someone else’s kids too!

A woman does a garbage major with no job prospects, instead of getting good grades, she parties and sluts around through college. Time to look for a job! Oh it’s tough! Don’t you worry, daddy government has quotas for women in positions!

So what do we have now? Women that have been given unlimited mating choice, which unleashes their unconstrained hypergamy. What we ultimately face now are women that are showing the worst of themselves. They’ve become masculine in their attitudes, disfigured with tattoos and piercings, fat with their ruthless diets and unbearable with their entitlement.

Things will only get worse before they get better. I pity the next generation of men that are destined to put up with this degradation in the quality of their female counterparts. Is there much surprise that men are opting out of marriage? Many men would rather see their bloodline end than marry a self-entitled re-packaged whore that’s played musical man chairs through her peak and I don’t blame them at all.

Thank you Daddy Government!



Nothing Special

nothing special

When you’ve had success in a particular landscape or environment that is different from the one that you struggled in, sometimes you may begin to internalise the fallacy of your skill improving as reason behind your increased results.

But your environment dictates much more than you could imagine.

You put a hard working, above average guy from a gruelling anti-masculine environment such as the US or Australia, drop him in to Asia or Eastern Europe and watch the results of his hard work simply multiply in terms of notches and quality. This individual might then develop an ego however, he may think he became more attractive, dressed better or just improved his game substantially. Sure, this could be true, but I’m sure the environment is much more of a factor in his success than any internal improvements.

The false belief of improvement however can lead to an inflated ego which could be shattered the moment you’ve left the relative ease of a foreign country.

The best manner to combat this is to realise the truth and understand that your results and successes have been emulated by many men in the past.

For example:
Struggling to get a kiss on first dates back in the States? Now you’re raw dogging girls within an hour of meeting them. You must feel like a king.. but in reality, that girl you slammed raw last Friday, she’s been had in that manner a dozen times before you.

Simply remember that other men have enjoyed pounding the nether regions of the girls you’re banging. I mean The Secret Society exists, correct?

If you really think you’re that special, maybe go through a girls phone, even in more conservative countries if you’re banging girls from Tinder, or nights out, maybe look at all the other gentlemen texting her when she’s taking a piss or shower and leaves her phone out. You’ll realise you’re only one of many that have plowed her on the same day. It really isn’t that special.

This strategy is fantastic for fighting against complacency and keeps every player level headed with the drive to further improve.

I’ve written about women feeling like Snowflakes in the past, now it was about time that men were addressed in that same regard also.


The Recovery


After you’ve fallen, its not a choice to get back up. It’s instinct.

Battling sickness, illness or fatigue can wind down individuals from their optimum condition to something that is a mere fragment of their former peak.

The recovery is therefore extremely important. Weather it’s chronic players fatigue, a lack of rest or motivational decline, taking a break to focus energy on other aspects is one of the most useful alterations of effort available.

If you’ve been hitting it hard and heading out every night for the past few weeks and now you’ve lost that motivation to hit the town, take some time off, hit the gym harder, brush up on a foreign language, start writing more, read. Basically, just work on anything constructive that you enjoy. Being a drone and playing video games for hours probably isn’t the answer though.

I for one was suffering from the heavy hours of the Financial Services industry and simply had no desire to keep heading out on weekends for a while. Getting stressed out also usually gets me sick, so I felt weak. I started using my weekends to write stories, and work on a few projects. It was slow progress at the start but once a routine was set it was amazing, my productivity shot through the roof and my output was of great quality.

When travelling, I’d sometimes just be too tired to accomplish any goals and slay through my “To Do” list and so I’d take a day or two of regrouping. The results were great, refreshed, energised and accomplishments to show for it.

Think of your time as the most prized possession you have. Time combined with willpower can be the most useful combination known to man. Wasting it should feel painful. Time is merely finite.



What a Life!


There’s no shortage of drama once you go looking for it.

In the last two months I’ve faced the craziest roller coaster ride of surreal highs and suppressing lows.In that time frame there’s been lots of notches, plenty of scares, bits of frustration, tingles of alienation and some time for reflection.


I’ve gone from having a stable life back in the despised motherland with the sprinkles of excitement, to a constant barrage of action praying for comfort in a foreign country. I should be fulfilled right? Maybe not as much as I thought.

When you’re in the excitement of a crazy period, you ache for some peace and routine. When you’re stuck in routine, you beg for excitement and fun. The simple flaws of being human. The contradiction of life is often the best part of it. As they say, the fact that life has to come to an eventual end is the reason why there’s meaning to it. The fact that happiness is difficult to maintain is the reason we chase it.

The reality is, it would be foolish not to step out of your comfort zone and experience something so far from what you’ve been exposed to for the vast majority of your life. The process of being extracted from your natural habitat and placed in a foreign one will allow any individual to grow in ways that they never though was imaginable. The small things, the unthinkable, minuscule bits of your daily life that changes, are often the triggers for epiphanies which assist you in realising how much you’ve developed as a person.

Maybe you’ll love your new environment, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll miss home, maybe you’ll regret the move and despise home. But to chain yourself to one location due to fear of the unknown is the biggest regret one can experience.


Never Envy


You see a hot girl walking by, beautiful. Her features are precisely what you look for, she carries herself in with an elegance which memorises you. Sadly, she’s walking hand-in-hand with another guy. You feel like that guy is the luckiest man alive. “He must be so happy to have a girl like that by his arm” you ponder to yourself. You’re envious of him.

You should never envy. You don’t know what that guy has gone through for this particular girl. You have no idea how much nagging, bitching, raging, he puts up with on a monthly basis. You have no idea if she spreads for him as little as once a week. All you see is a pretty girl walking with a guy.

I discovered this first hand a few years ago. I was dating a girl who was pretty attractive, besides her physical beauty there wasn’t that much else that pleased me about her. She was not too smart, not that feminine and nagged way too much. Friends and onlookers would often comment how good I had it, and all I thought to myself was “You have no idea..”. Unsurprisingly, it all lasted for a brief period of time as I’d simply had enough, I was getting less and less pleasure and constantly feeling annoyed. When news broke out that I’d discarded her, guys were telling me what a fool I was that I had let go of a girl that was “SO HOT!!!!” but I didn’t feel an ounce of regret. I smashed her orifices as much as I wanted in our time together, and was bored of it, so I didn’t have anything else to look forward to with her.

In a modern world where thirstiness in men is at an all time high, it’s very common for the average chump to be continually envious of couples he’s exposed to. Remember the above.

Shady Women

Feeling Good

Women can be pretty shady.

In the last year, I can recall many instances of girls giving me fake names, changing their professions, relationship situations, as well as forgetting to mention rather vital details. Does it surprise me? Not really. But be weary of them. Shady women are a growing breed, sadly, the authorities, other men and society will always side with the woman whenever two conflicting versions of the truth are told.

Let’s look at one instance of  shady chick.

I met a girl out at a club a few months back, it was a pretty straight forward bang, not much out of the ordinary. However, she was very reluctant to talk about her profession whenever it came up, never would she reveal much about her background. I didn’t bother probing further as I never saw her more than an easy pump and dump. But it was strange, as women are usually hard to keep quiet rather when they begin talking about themselves.

Turned out she’s a married Dentist. Happily cheating for the last few years and not one bit ashamed by it. After hearing that, during a post-coital confession, I left her room before my cum, sprayed all over her face, got cold.

There have been countless others similar, and I always noticed that in that post-sex time-frame, truths were often revealed.

With the avalanche of choice women are given these days they will undoubtedly feast on the sexual marketplace geared so heavily towards them in their prime SMV ages. These experiences are great for references, to realise what an age we live in today. Experiences harden a man, and corrupt a woman.

In an environment where women are encouraged to “never settle” A good girl can easily turn bad. Forget the myths of women being angels, understand the realities and act accordingly. You’ll be a better man for it.


Are homosexual men more aware of women’s behaviours?


Despite not being one of the many men living in the Western World that looks up to gay culture. One thing I have to admit is that gay men generally have a better understanding of the modern sexual marketplace than the majority of average straight guys.

When you take away the bias which is undoubtedly present in any straight man rising from the biological urge to fornicate with women, you see a clear picture of female behaviour without the distortion arising from your dick, or societal brainwash.

Gay men generally have slutty female friends. Why? Because unlike most girls, gay men are non-judgemental of a slut who spends her leisure time taking an avalanche of random cock. Most non-slutty girls are repulsed by this. Most desirable men will pump and dump sluts. So sluts, who need drama, tingles, and constant entertainment so they cannot be bored for even a minute need a source which satisfies these rubrics. But sluts only really have two categories of guys around them: a) Loser orbiters that want to fuck them but bore them to death; and b) Exciting gay guys who give them drama and don’t judge them at all.

This means that gay men are exposed to the most loose skanks around, and since they couldn’t care less about being slutty (Because we all know how hypersexual the gay market is) sluts will tell gay men everything. So fags are exposed to the ugly realities of modern women, the same realities most average herbs believe to be untrue. Of course, a guy who plays the field and accumulates extensive experience with women will also know the dark side of the modern women, but how many guys do that these days?

I recently heard a gay acquaintance give commentary on a slutty girls antics, his summary was so accurate and “Red Pill” that I couldn’t have described it better myself, I asked a plugged-in herb his thoughts on the same matter, and it was, as expected, the socially brainwashed, politically correct answer.

I’m not advocating every guy to go out there and befriend a gay guy, but maybe if you already are friends with someone who is gay (No homo) then you could easily drop some Red Pill knowledge of the sexual marketplace and most likely they will agree with your views.

So the next time a girl you meet brings up her “GAY BEST FRIEND!!!!” remember that changes are that this chick will spread sooner rather than later.

Everything has two meanings

I’ve always been one to question ads, especially personal ads from expired cougars, recovering sluts and desperate sea cows.

This will be a short guide on how decipher the vague and ambiguous personal ads of women online.

It says: “I don’t do the casual dating marathons, or the quick hook-ups.”
Translation: “Back in my prime, I used to put out on the first date pretty regularly, but you’ll have to wait a few months.”

It says: “Educated, strong, career oriented, and driven.”
What she really means: “Must have Ca$h, so I can spend it”

She says: “I am a real woman, I am not a Barbie Doll or super model and I never will be”
What she really means: “Wait until you see me the morning after without make-up.”

She says: “I need a rich man but I don’t want to have to support another child!”
What she really means: “I want all the benefits of a partner, without having to put in any additional work!”

She says: “Curvacious/cuddly/REAL woman”
Reality: “Morbidly obese.”

She says: “A few drinks now and then is fine, just don’t be one of those guys who goes out and gets wasted at every opportunity… ”
What she really means: “Guys regularly cheat on me with the ugliest girl in the bar.”

She says: “You have to be comfortable around kids, as I have a huge family with lots of little cousins.”
What she means is: “I plan on popping them out while you work your way up that middle management ladder.”

It states: “I love having long conversations that just flow from one topic to another… ”
Actually means:  “You have to be able to listen to my nonstop whining and complaining.”

She says: “I am a strong independent woman, looking for a strong independent man. I am not willing to settle anymore for what I have decided is not for me.”
What she really means: “I started purchasing cats last year and will continue to purchase them until I die.”

She says: “I am the mother of a teenager and have decided that it is time to take care of moms needs now.”
What she really means: “I seriously fucked up by having this kid, and I would like to find someone to take care of my child so I can have me-time at Yoga class. ”

She says: “I am looking for a Man who is willing to accept myself and my son as we are.”
What she really means: “Things will never get better, only worse.”

Reality isn’t easy for everyone to accept, but most people see through the vague attempts at redemption.


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Melbourne is poison.

You are content with your life (sometimes even happy) but you are caged in an environment that brings you down. You have no excitement about waking up in the morning and have nothing to look forward to except another day of existence. You’re merely existing, not living. You go to public places and sit there, reflecting, wondering aloud, “Is this it?” as people give you weird looks. You see things as they are and wonder why other people are so slow to pick up on the obvious meanings that lie beneath the surface.

Melbourne, a city that often gets named the “World’s most livable city“, leading to its residents possessing a feeling that they live somewhere great in this world. A notion which I thought was true before exploring further and realising otherwise.

Is Melbourne really that great? Aside from the inner suburbs, the vast majority of Melbourne isn’t exactly amazing, and that’s where most of the people can afford live. The city’s “Growth” has meant people are divided even further by living on the edge of civilisation where there’s nothing but open land and lots of dust. A huge house in the middle of nowhere is still amazing though right?

The city’s public transport system isn’t great, cost of living is high and people’s attitudes aren’t great. On top of that the actual CBD itself is quite tiny, with a pretty dead zone feeling most days and nights too. What’s so great about this place?

Oh the coffee! Oh the lane ways and culture!

Yes, the coffee fascination of this place is sometimes astounds me as does the fad of having breakfast in a cafe and having some “cultured street art/graffiti” lined through the streets but does that really make it so great?

Then there’s the people.. Melbourne really produces the cookie-cutter variety of people, you go to school, you attend higher education, you work in a draining job your whole life, you pay your taxes and continue in this delusional grand mission to chase money and accumulate tangible items. This is all done in the space of one city over a span of a lifetime, how interesting!

The culture here has also broken the women. A girl wakes up and she’s 30 and has no man and no hope for a man, yet she already passed on several who didn’t give her the tingles or butterflies in her stomach or whatever the fuck term she uses. Because of course the culture gave them this sense of entitlement as well, to think that with mediocre looks and 15 extra kilos they can get a hot stud like they see in the magazines in line at the grocery store. But hey, the easy sex that girls give out like tap water these days isn’t anything to complain about for me, but there’s not much reason to date them seriously.

Creativity is sucked out of you, Risk taking is looked down upon, and soon you’ll just be the hamster spinning in its wheel. The city will also start to turn you into a self-absorbed person, you’ll only become more and more superficial. Your “rat race” weeks end up being so lifeless you will feel the need to punish your liver every weekend, so you have something interesting to say on Monday morning when you’re back at your lifeless job.
The culture amongst educational institutions also drives the “daily grind” lifestyle, especially The University of Melbourne, whereby the notion amongst everyone is something along the lines of “Career is King!” every kid is out to get a head start over their peers in their “rat race” lives and get that CPI-aligned pay rise every year. Luckily, Financially I’ve built a pretty solid empire so this hasn’t applied to me personally but for many others it really is hard for them to swallow bitter truth that you’ll never get rich working for others, but they never contest that, they continue to live their drone lives and fail to defy the status quo.
Then you have the people continually riding the “Melbourne is the best city in the world” bandwagon after visiting a string of South East Asian countries in a 3 week trip and coming back feeling as if this city has some sort of magic power. I think you’ll have to venture out to a few more countries besides that to really find where Melbourne really stacks up.
Now, whenever I’m outside of Australia and I meet someone from Melbourne I often feel the need to avoid them, just because the reminder of the most overrated city is just not worth putting up with throughout an interaction.

People may ask, if Australia and Melbourne suck so much why do so many migrants move here? Well, everybody knows the welfare system here is good and that definitely helps. If you live in this city, you probably won’t be poor, nor rich and live a pretty boring middle class life in the suburbs. Your life will be passive and soon you’ll be saying that the most interesting thing that happened to you in the last week was someone giving you the time of day.
Combine the shitty weather, terrible attitudes of people, the lacklustre beauty of the city and you have it, a very overrated city, Melbourne!

Update: Oh and I don’t live there anymore, I’m much happier splitting my time between a few other cities these days.

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