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“Whenever I want”

I was sitting by the hotel bar the other night after dinner and an expired hag approached me. Flirtatious in her approach, and overly direct, I was a little taken back by the effort from her part. Given I had literally had my needs met by a much younger, tighter and hotter girl earlier in the day, I had no intention of taking her up on her advances. The expired cougar was from Melbourne, of all places. I killed time and then as I was about to leave back to my room, she mentioned how much she wanted to go back there with me. I made up some generic excuse and she dropped the line which I simply cannot stand.

I can get laid whenever I want

Whenever a girl says this, it turns me off so much.

In this era, any, I mean ANY girl with a smart phone and a vagina can get banged out at a moments notice. The way biology works means that there will be a horde of thirsty guys willing to dump their care free fucks into a wet hole without any commitment. It’s no achievement, so framing it like one just disgusts me to the maximum proportions. I’ve noticed this line is dropped usually by the lower tier girls anyway, expired cougars, chubby skanks, ugly whores, the ones that feel validation from getting banged out. A girl who is actually hot probably won’t feel the need to say this, she can attain the highest quality of man, not just meaningless quantities.


Only Pursue Something Serious with Younger Girls


Time and time again I am reminded by this. The older the girl gets, the less desirable she is for anything long term.

Men and women, are as you know different. Life experience does not affect men and women in a congruent manner.

For one sex, experience is a stimulator of growth, a giver of value, and a path to virtue, while in the other sex, experience corrupts and creates embitterment, sadness, cat-hoarding, and decreased virtue

A woman whose experienced many men, many relationships, many sexual partners is of a much lower value to a man who is looking for something more than a pump and dump. She has already traded in the currency of her youth to experience so much with meaningless men, and all those experiences she has accumulated will be compared to all the experiences you provide her. Not a single woman will admit to this, of course not, but it’s simply human nature. The same tingles she felt at 21 won’t be nearly as deep nor moving as the ones she feels at 30. You cannot get excited for the same things once you’ve experienced it so many times. Every human on the planet knows this.

A younger more innocent girl will feel much deeper feelings for you when you do something special, maybe when you take her to a hidden place to experience a city view, or teach her something new. Comparatively, the older, cock-ridden girl will think back to past experiences where she did the exact same thing with other guys, how they made her feel and so on. When you do something a little risky or out of the blue sexually with a younger girl she will feel a thrill that will help her bond with you much closer than the girl whose already had public sex with dozens of lovers. When you go on a trip together with a younger girl, the experience will be so overwhelming and satisfying for her she will have that memory rekindled when she thinks of you. The older woman will remember other trips she took with men, her highs won’t be nowhere near as the peaks she once experienced and probably will look back at the photos of her past trips with lovers.

The older a woman, the more cynical, jaded, distrustful, and sour she becomes. No need to do charity work for these cock-ridden widow types. Why make yourself compared to all her long list of past lovers? Why worry about her past coming back to haunt you? It simply isn’t worth it. Girls ultimately know this, and know that they can’t unfuck all the cock they have taken or undo all their mistakes so instead of admitting to their poor choices or lower sexual market value they will spin some bullshit like “It made me who I am today”, “We all have a past” or “Those experiences made me understand what I really want”, the things you can’t change or alter are the things that people protest the most about.

Put your effort on innocence when looking for something serious. The feeling of knowing that you’re leading her, molding her and so meaningful to her that you’re truly the best man she can get will make your relationship, sex life and happiness experience new peaks.



I can’t deny I enjoyed the salty tears of bitter leftists, feminists, socialists and other pro-Hillary support groups as Trump won the US election.

I was walking out of a building earlier today and noticed an American friends’ wife bawling her eyes out in broad daylight on the street. I asked her what’s wrong? She responded with “Trump won!”. Take note that this woman is a diehard SJW who supports every liberal cause under the sun. I faked a brief conversation which demonstrated how much I cared for her “doomed” country’s future whilst managing to hold back the sheer delight of Hillary’s loss.

I must say, it’s also enjoyable seeing the establishment controlled media continually misinforming the general public with deceptive poll predictions. I don’t think any major media outlet had Trump as the expected winner, some even mentioning how “embarrassing” Trumps “inevitable defeat” would be. But as every raging liberal on social media continued their undying leftist support, the polls showed that people really are against the establishment when it really counts. Enjoy whinging.


The University of Melbourne Copyright Team


I woke up this morning with the following message in my inbox.

To Whom it may concern,

Please immediately and permanently remove or disable access to the University of Melbourne logo

The University of Melbourne logo was copied onto your servers without permission and is being used in preview links for the offending website as well as the favicon. The unauthorized and infringing copy can be found at: The source url of the relevant images infringing on our copyright are:<LINK>

I may be contacted at the address, email and phone number listed above.

I have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. Under penalty of perjury, I am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed The information in this notification is accurate. I understand that, pursuant to 17 U.S.C. § 512(f), any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity is infringing may be liable for damages, including costs and attorneys’ fees.

Thank you

Helen Louise Thomson.

Helen Thomson | Manager Copyright Office

University Copyright Office

University Services

4th Floor Baillieu Library

Parkville, Victoria 3010 Australia

T +61 3 8344 4638 M +61 0423 817 558

E | W

Good to see how efficient the university is. It only took almost 5 years until I started this blog to get in touch.

Oh, and I did indeed change the logos to meet their humble demands.

Exchange Student Sluts


Exchange student skanks are a common breed of legspreaders in the modern globalised world.

Let’s be honest, girls love to travel, so do most men. Seeing new things, experiencing new cultures and most importantly getting railed by the thirsty local men are reasons why girls go on exchange.

On exchange programs, your grades mean nothing while you are abroad, as the subjects are usually pass or fail ordeals only on your academic transcript back home. You only really care about getting the relevant credit points required from passing so you can graduate on time. Usually, given what a low standard overseas Universities have compared to The University of Melbourne, this isn’t hard. However, I have had friends do exchange at places like The University of Pennsylvania, which being an Ivy league school has some really talented kids, they worked hard while the rest of their friends doing exchange in random dogshit schools in Europe and Asia were partying and having fun.

Where I live now, girls who don’t fit the beauty ideals are subjugated to fucking foreigners only. Foreigners, being thirsty men from the west that will fuck anything. In Australia the men are so thirsty that even being a chubby cow, a girl will still have a dozen men fighting over the “privilege” of dumping an easy fuck into her.

So the girls that are plain Janes, or misfits often dream of going abroad so they can “discover” themselves… in the bed of some foreign stranger.

Recently, I smashed a slore that just came back from exchange to Spain. She never fucked around at home but given she was abroad and free from the local culture she spread her legs wide open to any willing cock. “I don’t play in real life” was what she said, implying she doesn’t fuck around in her native country but gets railed hard abroad then comes back home to deceive us all into thinking she’s a pure innocent virginal character. This same girl after fucking 20+ randoms in the year abroad also mentioned something like “I save myself for my future boyfriend”. Let’s be honesty, any girl that travels alone to party destinations, regularly gets wasted, has tattoos, posts narcissistic shots all over social media and is on dating sites is not one that is conservative. So no man with experience will fall for that bullshit.

If you ever meet a girl that went on an exchange semester, or a working holiday probe deeper into it as you probably know she experienced a lot more than the local “culture”.




No this isn’t about Justin Bieber’s album. It’s about your own purpose.

As a man, your purpose and long term goals should be the cornerstone of your existence, never should your life be solely dedicated to women nor materialism.

I see people aimlessly drifting through life year after year without any direction, hope nor dreams. It’s sad that we live in an instantaneous society where the dopamine hits individuals receive from Facebook likes and Instagram dissolve their desire for greater goals.

I see guys wasting their souls on meaningless corporate grind work, wearing themselves out by living in hostile feminist cities, and placidly living out an existence that leads to no happiness.

I know, there’s this side of things and then there’s the other side, where guys quit their jobs and hunt pussy for many years in easy locations. Drifting through life without any ambition.

Sure the latter has more fun but once his drive for easy skanks lowers, he will be left with a feeling of how he wasted his energy on worthless skanks rather than build up something which would benefit him long term.

The former will have a feeling of missing out, feeling like a bright-coloured bird trapped in a cage. Maybe this will motivated him to aspire to change, or maybe it will lead to his mid-life crisis.

Finding that happy medium of having freedom and also long-term objectives is what is most difficult.

It’s different for everyone, some guys will happily work on their online business, copy writing and selling eBooks on nitch themes to earn a living. Some dudes will be developers and work freelance and make their dough. Some dudes will be online translators and work their brains. Some dudes will teach abroad and travel around for flexibility. There’s no, one size fits all, routine for anyone. There’s varying levels of ambition in everyone and the satisfaction each task gives is bound to vary amongst different individuals.

Just like working your corporate job, after a certain period of doing one thing, there’s bound to be a moment where you wake up and feel the desire to try your hand at something different. I’ve felt it, and I’m sure some of you reading this have as well. But being unable to walk away and take a risk after being too comfortable in your present life is what is holding many people back.

Which makes me think, how free are you really?

Freedom isn’t being tied to a job that you can’t leave due to your financial commitments. Freedom isn’t having to mislead others into believing your goals fall within the societal expectations. Freedom isn’t being able to switch off and walk away from the stresses of your life.

A man lacking any purpose and ambition may indeed be free, but has no direction.

A man knee-deep in a project may have ambition but is tied down.

Is there any solution?


App Skanks



App skanks are disgusting breeds of creatures which are rapidly coming into greater existence with the prevalence of modern technology.

App skanks usually aren’t too attractive, highly slutty, and pretty much lack any sense of morals or trust. They have no self-worth and are artful actors who can deceptively work through most inexperienced men.

Imagine you’re showered with thousands of men trying to fuck you, you’d feel like a bit of a celebrity too, wouldn’t you?

Yes, app skanks derive validation from this, as they aren’t overly attractive in real life and fail to snag a quality man, they spend their time swiping, on apps like Tinder, Skout, Badoo, OkC, and various others in order to find the thirstiest guys showering them with compliments and gifts.

App skanks have various motives, some are dog girls who simply get no attention from men, others have been pumped and dumped to the brim and simply have no self-worth left in them hence float around from guy to guy in order to add excitement to the arc of failure they call their life.

As they are are some of the most vile objects on the planet, I wouldn’t recommend smashing them unless you’re really thirsty. Being around such disgusting trash isn’t a fulfilling experience and smashing trash tier skanks from these outlets won’t be earning much respect from any of your peers either.

A nice story which further demonstrates my point:

I had an App skank over a while back, and it was rather shocking how mentally unstable she was. Basically getting herself drunk and proceeding to blow me and then somehow passing out. She had her phone on my table which constantly went off with new Tinder matches, Skout winks and Badoo messages. I noticed she had over 200+ matches on Tinder, and had fucked someone earlier that day, and the night before and the one before that too.

Anyhow this App skank was broke and needed cash and a place to stay, after falling out with her parents over her slutting and excessive partying (heh, typical). She sold herself as an innocent girl that had a crazy ex-boyfriend and that she was really looking to add meaning to her life with “someone different”. Given she came over with relative ease to my place, I knew it was total bullshit and her acting was also flawed with contrasting stories. She then asked me “if you like me, then can you buy me breakfast tomorrow morning?”. Boom, it was out, a broke as fuck skank whose real motives are now out.

I proceeded to destroy this skank by coming up with my own story, and also finding every hole in her web of lies, ultimately, I kicked her out onto the rainy pavement and lead her to find a cab home. I also noticed she had a friend of mine on her phone, she never got to bang him but I told him about this girl as the night was playing out, and he also told me that she mentioned the same things to him.

Anyhow, after kicking her out, she called him looking for a place to stay, he made up a fake address and she ended up going to the boondocks knocking on some randoms door.

Yeah, App skanks, they deserve nothing more besides a perfunctory fuck by the thirstiest guys out there.



The View From Up Top

image (2)

We work so hard as men to better ourselves, putting in hours and hours of effort to be more knowledgeable, fit, interesting and genuinely become a better person. Concurrently, as we are doing this, the toxic culture of the West cradles women to be the worst version of them and still be provided with unlimited mating options. It’s a sad reality yet we still work hard in order to maximise our value in order to attain the life we want as men.

As you rise, you’ll notice your skills with women, and in life improve. You’ll notice attaining sex isn’t so hard any more, you’ll discover the dark side of women and the true nature of inter-gender relations in modern times.

If you’re in a place where you are at the bottom of the barrel, in terms of Sexual Market Value, you simply won’t ever know how messed up things are, why? Because you won’t be getting much opportunity to see the way women work as you’ll probably rarely get past the initial phases of interaction.

But let’s say you move abroad, you’re now in a place where you’re near the top of the Male Sexual Market Value chain, you will see things you’ve never seen in your old environment. Here’s a few I’ve seen in the past few weeks just to give you an idea:

– Women coming over instantaneously after talking on Tinder
– Women lying about their marital status in order to fuck you
– Women travelling over two hours to have sex with you
– Women telling you their livid sexual histories while openly admitting how innocent they act around everyone else
– Women approaching you for sex directly

If you’re in a place like Melbourne most guys would think this is bullshit and I understand why. Unless your a male model or pretty famous these things simply won’t happen, so the average guy will be lead to believe it simply isn’t true. You may even still be living the socially conditioned lies of women being perfect angels. But believe me, there are definitely guys out there getting these things happening to them on a daily basis, I for one have enough screenshots and photos saved to remind myself of how crazy some places can be.

The downside is that you’ll never ever see women as the same ever again, some things I have experienced have altered by view so deeply that you simply cannot reverse the lessons learned from these reference experiences. I was sharing these thoughts with a friend of mine recently, and telling him how dirty the women of the city we live in are, and he mentioned to me something along the following “It’s the same everywhere, but we now see it so clearly cause we are the benefactors of it.’

But in all honesty, you can experience this too. Just follow these steps if you’re not a good looking guy or living in a place where you’re value is seen to be very high.

  1. Find an unknown male model from a place like Israel or some backwater country.
  2. Set up a Tinder or some online dating (ie. hookup) site/app profile with these photos.
  3. Give it some time, or maybe even message some girls.You’ll notice how many women message you, you’ll notice when you bring up sex how quickly women respond positively to you. You can ask women to pass on their intimate sex life details as well as revealing photos. Anyone can do this experiment in order to see the real nature of Hypergamy.  This exercise may depress you a little and make you feel a visceral disgust towards the women of today but it’s better to know this than live in denial and treat them as princesses like society tells you to. Also you’ll see how hard some people work for pussy that’s give out freely like tap water to some men, this can be hard to accept, but will teach you to never over inflate the value of pussy.

As they say, 20% of the men get 80% of the sex, and now after being somewhere near the top I can tell you that if you are the same you’ll see how true this thinking is.

The view from up top is nice, I hope all of us get to experience it in our lives.

The Beauty of Experience


Getting into the game is a tough step for many men in the modern world. After being brainwashed by modern feminism they’re probably not having the success they want in many areas of their life and are motivated to improve. The first few steps are undoubtedly the toughest, and where most men end their journey. Why? Because they aren’t prepared to work hard.  You have to be ready brutal rejections, emotional roller coasters as well as the general highs and lows of the lifestyle.  The good can never come without some bad.

Pushing through the initial barriers and carving deep into the game is the point where your growth and improvement can be exponential. The references experiences, stories as well as bitter realities you’ll be exposed to will change your views permanently and make you think that you were living such a naive, placid life previously. Many men never experience this phase, but the lucky ones that do, will be the first to tell you the the knowledge they’ve acquired and been exposed to first hand have improved them as men overall.

Like just about anything in life, the highs can plateau, the growth and improvement becomes more marginal with time. The initial enthusiasm fades, push too hard in this period and you’ll burnout, don’t push at all then you’ll undo all that hard work you’ve put in. This “plateau” phase really does leave many men somewhat bitter, they’ve experienced so much and learnt the bitter truths about women which no magazine or news program will ever tell you, yet they are not willing to work as hard as previously. Due to their success, their standards will increase, their expectations of women will change, their willingness to put up with the general BS that women give them will decline. I’ve experienced this phase for a while, and although at the time I was a little demotivated, things did all make sense in the end.

The knowledge which I had acquired helped so much at identifying the bullshit that women sprout, the traits which were most important to me, how to handle the emotional roller coasters of life and being able to connect much deeply to individuals. But ultimately, it made me realise my place, I knew that I never had to settle for someone that I didn’t have the deepest feelings or attraction for, it really opened my eyes as to where I stood on the overall sexual marketplace. These days its so easy to identify sluts, girls with low self-esteem, and of course worthy girls. Did I know this when I was 18? Definitely not as much as now.

I see my looks, charm and general demeanour improve over the years and look back on girls photos from years ago. I look at them and feel like they’ve been dealt a harsh hand in life. Just as little as four years ago, they were so desirable in my eyes, and even now those photos still look great, but I look at their current photos as they push into their mid-20s and notice that they are only a shade of what they were previously. The feminist lies coupled with their own delusion tells them not to settle down and continue riding random cock while focusing on their paper pushing job until they age further. Little do they realise that a woman’s mate value really does spring mostly from her beauty and fertility, and there’s little they can do to change that.

All I can think of when a woman trashes her limited youth and uses it on attention-whoring and casual sex is “what a waste.” What a waste that these girls didn’t use their peak physical beauty to find the best man that could to be their life partner. What a waste they didn’t leverage their youth, fertility and innocence to secure something that could lead to a more meaningful life. What a shame that they waste their time hunting for attention and spreading their legs like worthless whores.

The twisted mother of nature gave women the incredible beauty of a flower, but only for a limited amount of time, while letting men exist as if they were oak trees. As their value fades, my value continues to grow, knowing this, is gold for any man, and that’s the beauty of experience.

Truth Hurts

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Reality really is a bitter pill to swallow..