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The Return to Warsaw


After three years, I returned to Warsaw in order to re-live some of the moments which triggered my escape from the West. Knowing well inside that it’s very hard to re-experience the joy of an initial experience, I was ready for a more downbeat affair this time round.

I started my trip by catching up with friends I made from 2013 when I first arrived, some of which I’ve met up with in various parts of Eastern Europe and Asia since then. It was a nice re-union with people whom share the same beliefs and progressing through life in an ambitious manner.

After our re-union, I ventured out to the nightlife in order to explore what the city had become.

Despite it being still an improvement from Australia, I was disappointed as expected. The attitudes of the women were far worse from 2013, the career-carousell lifestyle had infected the women of Warsaw and it was obvious that many men had moved to Poland in order to satisfy their thirst for easier, more feminine women.  These factors culminate in a far less enriching experience this time round from what I had experienced last time I was in Warsaw.
I still managed to pull in my first night here, however the efforts I went to were probably border-lining my limits.

The most saddening part of my trip came on the last night. I went to a venue where I visited back in 2013, and sat in corner where I made most of my approaches and had the bulk of my success from last time round. As I sat, I noticed a girl, the same girl from 2013, she dressed well, hair long and stylish, but as I approached her, I couldn’t believe what I saws. The wrinkles appearing on her face, around her eyes and mouth were definitely excessive for the three years of time that had passed. She was undoubtedly the hottest girl in the club back in 2013, now she was a nobody, forcing herself to smile and seem accepted.

All I could think of was “what a horrible waste.” This girl partied away her beauty and is now bound to settle for something far worse than what she could have gotten earlier. She traded in her most valuable asset for meaningless “Fun” and male attention.

It’s a well known saying that “Women age like milk and men age like wine” but I haven’t even brought up the fact that these aged women have higher standards, higher expectations after experiencing the highest quality men in their peak physical years they feel as if they can’t go backwards. However, the burden of disappointment from being pumped and dumped so many times, factors that surely make them less feminine and pleasing leave them to be nothing more than than a fuck buddy, a mere container for a mans sexual pleasure.

They deserve what they get, life isn’t fair.

Romanian Rampage: Bucharest


I was in Romania on a spontaneous trip to meet up with some long-lost friends in Europe whom I have been meaning to catch up with for a long time now. This trip took place in May, after my trip to Thailand.

I spent a total of three weeks in Romania, mainly staying in Bucharest during my trip.

Romania has a unique look to it, old school in some sense but a little different to the rest of Europe. people are a bit more tanned and have darker hair and features, people are social and enjoy spending time outdoors. It wasn’t expensive in Romania, and the quality of girls was decent also. People care what others think about them in Romania, especially girls. Feminism hasn’t destroyed the culture like other parts of the world.

The city of Bucharest itself is relatively compact and of a medium size compared to the larger cities back in Australia. The city is divided into six sectors and possesses a nice variety of old school buildings and cafes.

The nightlife venues I visited were filled with cigarette smoke and people in large groups. It’s better to go out with a group at night or else feel like you’re simply a little out of place. As mentioned previously, the culture leads to people caring what their friends and others think of them. So be careful when approaching groups.

I met some digital nomads living in Bucharest whom worked on their online hustles and slayed the easier-average girls at will. That’s the thing in Romania, anything under a 5 takes little to no work as a foreigner. If you’re a thirsty notch hunter, then this place is fine for you. Once you work your way up to the true quality then you’ll have to work and you’re foreign status will almost count for nothing.

Overall, the purpose of my trip was to re-unite with long-time friends and therefore it was a decent place to hang and relax for a few weeks while getting a few projects completed, however if you’re looking for a nice touristy place to visit in Europe, then probably give Romania a pass.


Book Review: Black Passenger Yellow Cabs


I recently read Black Passenger Yellow Cabs by Stefhen F.D. Bryan which was a rather interesting memoir of a Jamaican man moving to Japan and running through a lot of Japanese women in the process. The book covers Japanese culture extensively and provides an interesting view on it from a foreigners perspective.

The book is set in an earlier time frame before the smartphone craze and is filled with a myriad of sexual slang and adventure. The author in his long stay in Japan dates and bangs many Japanese women and has several abortions throughout it is stay. He is a natural player with a strong extroverted personality which brings him much success in an inward Asian society.

Stefhen enjoys numerous relationships with Japanese women and an array of flings, one night stands and random bangs throughout his stay. He demonstrates through his story telling the true nature and negative points of Japanese whereby some women are loyal and caring where as others are cheating with fellow foreigners. This is rather reflective of the culture in Japan from my own anecdotal experiences there.

The commentary towards Japanese men is rather harsh but true. Depicting them as asexual beings obsessed with their video games and employment. In the books eyes, Japanese men fail to please their women which further rationalises his sex binge in the country.

Like most black men, he is a dumpster diver, it’s pretty obvious from reading the book that he is more a “quantity over quality” type guy and his descriptions of some of the women seem to point to this also. This is also quite true for most of the black foreigners who are living in Japan from my travels there. He does seem to become pickier with experience throughout his stay in Japan.

The pain of reading this book comes from the author being a die-hard feminist. He bitches about Japanese women being mistreated, and failing to be empowered by a backwards culture however he takes advantage of these same women for his own sexual pleasure. He will often describe a girl on a purely physical perspective then complain about how she isn’t recognised as an intellectual by Japanese culture. The oxymoronic nature of his hypocrisy is often a turn-off when reading however, the overall entertainment of the book keeps this issue in perspective.

The story does contain a lot of background information during the authors adolescent life which attempts to give an idea as to how he became a sexually perverted Asian fetishist. Also, having travelled to Japan a few times, this book does seem to show how much different things were in the pre-smartphone era in the nation. Things have changed a fair bit compared to the time frame in which this book was set in with a much higher foreign crowd in Japan at present. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and its graphic but interesting stories and I would be lying if it didn’t make me want to go back to Japan for another visit after reading it.


Thai Travels


I recently visited Thailand with some friends for a week or so in order to explore the destination further. I have been there previously and was keen to go back after friends of mine had moved there recently. I visited a few cities all throughout the country in order to get a nice overall view of the place.

I wondered besides the easy pussy and cheapness of Thailand what the lure is for Westerners to live long term in a renowned shithole like Bangkok. I mixed my trip up with a blend of Tourist activities as well as some general research and meeting longer term residents.

I visited in April which is the hottest month there, I was greeted with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius on multiple days during my trip. Besides riding elephants, enjoying the beach, dining on Thai food and cheap shopping I spent a lot of time understanding what the foreigners who were living there actually did, there’s the usual English Teacher crowd but a good mix of Digital nomads also whom reside in Thailand for its low cost of living.

It made sense to me that they were enjoying their life just like how I enjoy mine nowadays. But there were some pretty big drawbacks from living in Thailand besides the poverty and general lack of facilities. It was obvious to me that Thai’s often targeted foreigners for scams and rip offs like every other place in the world. After a while I would imagine most residents would have a good idea of how to avoid this of course, but the poverty of locals means this is something that won’t simply go away.

In terms of girls, Thai girls were decent although not really my type, it wasn’t uncommon to see Farang-Thai couples regularly throughout the country. The sex industry is obviously large, like most poverty stricken tourist destinations and it seemed as if some people of the country were almost proud that their nation was a go-to place when it came to foreign guys trying to blow their loads.

The shopping was decent also despite all the fake goods in abundant supply, it makes sense why so many lower-middle class people go to Thailand for shopping.

Ultimately, I felt Thailand compared a lot to my trip to Manila last year, it’s a good place for an average person from the West to bolster their ego and feel richer and desired, but any guy who is doing well at life in the West would probably do fine in other places where the infrastructure is superior and poverty isn’t a widespread issue. Overall, I guess it still beats living in the West and being in a place which doesn’t align at all with your own beliefs.


City Review: Manila Madness

Manila, Philippines

IMG_20150729_101610~2 [1103930]

I visited Manila recently over a summer break for one week.

Being the Capital of the Philippines I expected it to have some worthy sights to visit. However, upon my arrival I noticed that there really isn’t much to see in this city.

The city is home to to 12 million people. It is poorly planned with nightmare traffic during peak times. The people are willing to scam you and deceive you in order to benefit themselves. I stayed in the Makati area which is one of the better parts of the National Capital Region and home to many expatriates. The weather is warm and humid in summer and thunderstorms occur regularly in the summer months.

Manila had by far the ugliest people I have ever come across in a city. The average quality of women is something like a 2/10, it made Australia seem like heaven. The women are the easiest in the world and are into foreigners for their status and wealth as much as their looks and charm. People are retarded, with low education levels and lack of social welfare meaning many will be living below the poverty line.

There are plenty of hookers and ladyboys since the majority of people have no value to offer to the world besides the use of their pussies or anuses. Girls as young as 17 will take up prostitution in order to live the high life and escape the doom of mediocrity that awaits.

I would focus on foreign girls and halfies as they were generally hotter. There are subsets of girls from China whom avoid Filipino’s like the plague as they view them as far inferior to themselves. Local girls will lie, cheat, and steal in order to benefit themselves, many girls will have Filipino husbands and Fiancées but will happily cheat with a foreigner as there is a remote possibility that they could get foreign citizenship and escape their dump of a country.

The upper class is something quite amazing, people whom live in areas like Rockwell, Fort Bonifacio and so on have baller families with multiple maids, cooks, and drivers. They are generally good looking, party in the high end places and travel to exotic locations funded by foreign cash, usually through their parents. If you can crack this circle you’ll do well. I was fortunate to meet a girl who was in this circle and believe me, it had me in awe. Besides all the doom an gloom in the country, there is some excitement in the upper tier.

I feel like there is strong delusion amongst the people of this country. People will be caught red handed doing something illegal, with video coverage and still deny their involvement. They believe that if something is denied continually that will mean that it simply never occurred. People are similar to dung beetles when it comes to their long term outlooks and goals, they will put a short term pleasure ahead of any consequences affiliated with that action, for example, look at all the knocked up women carrying children with multiple fathers.

Manila is horrible logistically, it’s a poorly planned car city which reminded me of the horrid traffic I found myself in back in Melbourne. Being a poverty stricken country, roads often were closed and had construction work being performed which conveniently can add a lot of time to a simple trip. Cab drivers will scam you and won’t want to use their meters, so be stern and threaten to leave the cab if they give any attitude, they are the slaves, not you. The city is spread out with hubs like Quezon City, Fort Bonifacio, Malate and so on, so you might need to use cabs to get around assuming you don’t have a vehicle.

There isn’t much to do in Manila besides banging and clubbing. I focussed on the high end joints, such as Palace Pool Club, Prive and Valkyrie. There is some decent quality there as this is the best place for quality in the whole country. There are many ballers rocking up in Ferrari’s and Bentley’s and lots of foreign cash too. Dress up, and look like you fit in, work the venues and be prepared to work hard. Since there’s so many foreign ballers here, you’ll need to bring your A-Game. There’s sadly plenty of hookers amongst the crowd trying to find high end clientèle so be weary of them.

There’s shitty clubs in places like Malate but I personally don’t get any enjoyment in slamming 5/10’s so I avoided them like a plague.

You’ll see online how foreign guys come here and slam some crazy notches like 96 girls in 3 months etc. and after being here a week I completely see that being doable, given you’re happy banging 4-6’s/10. The quality in this place is so low that it is really a quantity-driven city. If you’re a novice notch hunter then this place is for you. If you’re a more seasoned player who is past the point of hunting for notches in order to feel validated then pass on Manila since there’s definitely other places with substantially prettier girls, much better quality of life and similar cost of living. Sometimes I’d wonder why foreigners with money would be living in the Philippines long term, given how shit the pollution, traffic and social problems are over there, but each to their own.

Book Review: Poosy Paradise


Poosy Paradise is Roosh V’s latest memoir. Set in Romania in early 2013, Roosh analytically narrates his stay and his constant search for the much coveted Poosy Paradise, a place where sexual satisfaction, accessible feminine and attractive women are in abundance.

Like much of Roosh’s previous writing, the honest and unfiltered thoughts allow the reader to really capture his thought processes and views. His analysis of women, men, game and culture are present throughout the book, giving the reader an understanding of the world through another man’s eyes.

Something new in this book, is Roosh’s fame in Romania gathered through television appearances. He attempts to utilise this fame to bolster his successes with the local women with somewhat surprising results. The realistic outcomes and detail about failures are refreshing and a common trait in Roosh’s writing, facilitating a sense of realism in his endeavours. The Game community has immense respect for Roosh and his lifestyle and many men see it as the pinnacle of freedom. Poosy Paradise shows the readers that despite enjoying a life of freedom there is always the need for hard work, and various everyday struggles will never disappear. The human experience has some factors which never change whether your rich, poor, busy or bored.

Many men who are Game-aware will be able to relate to Poosy Paradise, and the women which Roosh writes about, as well as the manner in which he treats them. He explains his perceptions of the people he writes about but one that that was notably missing was an overall explantion of the dating culture in Romania, or anything about the cultural aspects of the city he resides in. Despite being a Game-related book, this change in pace would add further structure and depth to the book. Additionally, the further disclosure of information would also assist in making the book feel less like lengthier blog posts and potentially strengthen the structure to each chapter.

Poosy Paradise was effortless to read, keeping readers entertained through dry humour and relatively interesting stories.

If you’ve enjoyed other books written by Roosh, it is rather likely you will enjoy Poosy Paradise too. I wouldn’t say it would be Roosh’s best book so far however it was a pleasant read and worth reading.

Poosy Paradise will be released on August 1st 2014.


Book Review: Why Can’t I Use A Smiley Face?

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I was offered to review Roosh V’s latest memoir “Why Can’t I Use A Smiley Face?” which details his month long return to his native USA after spending almost two years abroad.
Commencing with his last days in Europe, Roosh details his arrival to the US which is received with bittersweet emotions. His unconventional lifestyle which has lead him to travel a myriad of countries around the world has had left him with pitfalls with his friends and family back home. He elaborates his family’s view on his unique lifestyle and the rift which has been created due to his extended periods of time away.

Throughout the book, Roosh’s honest explanations of his thought processes make it easy to comprehend his development as a person which has come with his worldly experiences. The unique experiences, entertaining stories and words of wisdom which are easy to notice throughout the memoir insinuate the learning which has occurred through the many years of traveling.

A common theme throughout the book is the juxtaposition between the culture and women which he encounters back in the US to what he has experience in Europe for the last two years.  The overall negativity and discontent which Roosh explains about America would leave readers nodding in agreement. The materialistic culture, masculine attitudes, distant & cold personalities present in the women throughout the book make it easy to understand why Roosh has such a negative perception of American Women. After experiencing the allure of feminine women all throughout Eastern Europe, that do not possess traits such as self-entitlement well above their sexual market value, it leaves little hesitation as to why he has such a low desire to pursue women in the United States.
It’s evident throughout the book that Roosh cannot fit in to the American culture anymore, the same culture in which he grew up, is now met with disgust and displeasure. The book ends with no clear premonition of what Roosh will do in the future but a sense of vague excitement.

Overall, Roosh’s latest work was entertaining, his dry sense of humour coupled with his clear and expressive writing style makes this book a pleasure to read.