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Worldwide Lust


I stood there at the Shibuya crossing on that cold winter night recollecting the last week or so. It was unforgettable.

I made a challenge to myself, using not one bit of cash how much could I extract from girls? Using emotions, sex and words as the weapons of choice, how far could I take things? So I did it, the same way girls extract resources from men with the exchange of the use of their vagina.

It all started over the Summer. I met a girl in the fashion industry based in Tokyo. Her genetic beauty was easy to notice, her dress-sense and charm added plenty to the complete package. Sadly for her, her mindset was spoilt by living in the toxic wastelands of the West. I knew our mindsets would never totally align so any prospect for it to last was discarded from that point onwards. For me, it was nothing new, just simply going through the motions like a puppet getting its strings pulled. For her, it was as if she’d met someone impressive, with the poise and finesse of a long-term suitor. The manufactured chemistry was real for her she surrendered to it and let the passion take over. In the coming

We locked eyes for a split second, and I had to know more. For me, it was nothing new, just simply going through the motions like a puppet getting its strings pulled. For her, it was as if she’d met someone impressive, with the poise and finesse of a long-term suitor. The manufactured chemistry was real for her she surrendered to it and let the passion take over. In the coming months we linked up in many major cities that our lifestyles had taken us. Sharing pleasurable weekends, lavish hotel rooms and endless memories. Throughout this time, I had my mind set on other things, ideas, and people, however whenever we met, I made it feel as if nothing else mattered. As if the clocks would come off the wall, our phones wouldn’t be switched on, and my attention would appear to be undivided.

Her demeanour changed, her mindset slowly shifted, yet I never had my heart set on anything that would last. A slut is a specimen that can be controlled for a period of time, once the honeymoon period dries, she can easily go back to her old ways. I never see the need to try to convert a slut for the long term, there’s innocent and chaste girls that were never poisoned in the first place that deserve that commitment, not girls that “had their fun”.

As time went past, the level of effort she would put in would continue to exceed whatever little effort I exerted. She would travel to my city, change her schedule to suit mine, spend excessive amounts of $ for things to please me. I realised her level of investment signaled her desire for something more. I’m sure many men would settle for this, and many in the west won’t even experience this. But I simply couldn’t give in to this. Girls come and go, standards remain.

The experience spanned many months, countries, venues and scenes. Ultimately, I’ll be that asshole that didn’t commit in her eyes, she’ll be that girl that tried too hard but lost herself before she even met me. I’ll be in her memories for years to come, with every guy she meets from here on in being compared to me. She’ll be another slut that just got used and thrown out like yesterday’s garbage.



Flashback: Glorious Gloria


It must be said, these days I rarely post about “that one girl” anymore, maybe after running through so many the so called “pretty diamonds” these girls were are just nothing special anymore. But the following was something that happened just recently that made me think of a more naive time in my life where I was much more of a romantic.

It all started last week when I was overhearing a conversation that these two University students were having on the subway which described memorable girls they had been with.

Due to some indescribable reason which I couldn’t pinpoint, this suddenly made me think of a rather notable companion from quite some time ago. Let’s just call her Gloria.

Gloria and I met in my second year of uni. She was one year behind and I would have to say given how much effort she put into dressing up, it didn’t take much for me to notice her.

Things all started between us in a group assignment for a dreaded 2nd year pre-requisite Commerce subject that most of us despised. She somehow managed to end up in my assignment group as she was absent for the class where we decided to pick our team members.

The first time she turned up to class, she sat next to me, and asked if we covered anything meaningful in the previous lesson. “Hmm.. no, the only thing we really did was pick the groups for the big assignment” I said. This sent her on a slight panic attack as she wondered what she was going to do. As it turned out, the tutor assigned her to my team. We didn’t talk much during the class but her deep stares were rather fascinating to the then 19-year old version of myself.

At the end of that class, I had a 2-hour gap to kill, and it turns out she did too. “So, anything you can recommend besides eating to kill time until 2pm?” I asked more in hope than expectation. “Hmm, I’m actually going to go eat too and then I’m not sure”. We both agreed to have lunch assuming it would be a nice way to kill time.

As we walked around the city, looking for something to eat, we talked about the usual interests such as hobbies, music and movies. It came out how much she liked to joke around with parodies pulled. of infomercials, something which I loved mocking, especially the accents of the hosts. We talked about all the lame infomercials that came up over the years, like BowFlex and Abtronic. She would laugh and I would carry on with my impersonations for another second before bursting into laughter too. Her laugh was loud and happy sounding. It was contagious and made everyone else laugh along until we had no idea what was funny to begin with.

As it turned out, we both had this same break every week, and given how well we got along we continued the weekly ritual. Over the coming weeks we both realised how similarly we saw things, and beyond the physical attraction there was a mutual respect which I have to say, these days I find much harder to come across. The naïve innocence of youth is always rather marvellous in hindsight.

Gloria and I had many conversations about how great single life was in uni and all the spare time we have being cherished by doing things we enjoy. Just having started uni that year she had enough to deal with, and our “friendship” was probably more of a highlight to her than it was for me. It was as if we were in a non-committed boyfriend-girlfriend scenario sometimes. Eating together, going places together, and being seen together at parties. We sometimes kissed or groped at parties and it probably didn’t help but to raise further speculation amongst her friends about us.

There was this one time where she invited the whole group to her house to work on the group assignment, we worked through the night and it was 2am, the room was filled with crushed pizza boxes and empty beer cans. After finishing most of the work, our team just talked about our personal lives and inevitably sex came up. Everyone talked about their experiences, as well as anything wild they got up to. When the spotlight came to Gloria she said a few things but given her reaction I could tell it probably was made up. She seemed to be a virgin, nobody else in the room seemed to suspect her words, but I was certain they seemed to be false. A bit of a surprise to me that a girl who was rather hot at the age of 18 was still a virgin in the modern western society. As it got late, everyone else slowly left until it was just me and her. We talked a bit, kissed and it eventually came up, “You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” she nodded in response. I knew it. I assured her it was fine and given how virginity was given away so easily these days, it wasn’t the worst thing for her.

Following this, we both shared a lot of deeper secrets with each other and our chemistry probably improved more than anything. Gloria’s parents were abroad for a few months and during that time I ended up spending some time at hers. One night after a night of partying we took a cab back to hers and the sexual tension just couldn’t be tamed. The deep stares and making out lead to us finally doing it. We did this quite regularly over the coming months and it definitely didn’t change the dynamics of what we had going. However, our contradictory schedules and lives did. Gloria decided to do an internship the following semester and I was also balancing a heavy school workload with other work on the side.

One day, after one of our trysts, she told me she had her exchange approved and was going to be spending the following year abroad. Over the coming months we would end up seeing each other less and less though we would get together for the occasional, and eventual rare bang.

The last time we did it was during a busy exam period where I was living in stress and she was busy with her own life. I came over and released my stress for the whole day with her. I stayed over and usually the fatigue of a long sex session would make me fall asleep but on this occasion, I simply couldn’t, I stared long into her face as she lied there in deep sleep, ran my hands over her smooth skin and thought about the things we went through as if I knew this would be the last time we would see each other. In the morning, we both had to be elsewhere early but wanted nothing more than to lie there all day. Gloria leaned in for a kiss before parting ways and was a little sweeter and longer than usual.

I can browse through pictures on my online photos back up and can find all the memorable moments we shared. It was rather comforting looking at every photo and knowing where exactly it was taken and how the day went. Looking over the period where we spent the most time together, I noticed that most of my photos either had been taken either with her nearby or in the photo, so many hilarious jokes, laughs and places. Our “relationship”, and its ensuing fade-away was easy to follow in my sequential photo library. There was an obvious trend in the photos where it started with her company being a substantial portion of my shots to a gradual decline in her presence and an upshift in changes to my life. Who knows what she’s doing now, I don’t. However, I look back at the time we spent while or lives intertwined so deeply like a sunset, beautiful while it lasted.

I look at the pictures of Gloria online now, still amazingly well dressed and beautiful and much more refined than when she was a teen. The last photo I saw is a candid shot of her laughing on the street somewhere in Europe, and I couldn’t help but to wonder which lame infomercial she was laughing about.



Almost caught.


It was the night before a long weekend and a big storm. I finished off my day and met with a skank that I had been meaning to catch up for months. I wait outside the Metro and walk her to a chill bar that I usually head to. The staff there all know me by my first name. I go through the motions for the next couple of hours and walk her to my place, and the inevitable occurs.

After the act, in the post-coital bliss. I hear my phone is vibrating, and I also hear the door bell ringing continually.

Uh-oh, what could this be?

I pick up my phone and see a message from a girl I smashed a while back with something along the lines of “I’m outside your place now”


I spent a quick moment thinking of what to do. This isn’t the first time some random girl just keeps coming back for something pathetic. A lot of them have the minds of children in this part of the world. Smash a random and then go back to make themselves feel less slutty. Also, probably to make themselves feel like they were the victim when in all reality spreading your legs wide open after an hour is probably the catalyst to being treated like a smash and dash hole.

Then I broke down the situation to the naked girl in my bed: “There’s a weirdo outside my place, let’s quietly get dressed and get out through the back door”.

We bail and I walk her to the Metro for her trip home.

I sit outside and feel the late summer winds against my face and think of how to manage my time to make sure that I am not wasting too much of it on meaningless slores. Over the last few months I had become a lot busier and although I was much more involved in other projects, I didn’t mind as what I was doing now was a lot more meaningful and challenging than before. My desire to kill time by slamming sluts was a lot lower, at least the mental side of my brain was being stimulated through other means rather than figuring out which would be the fastest way to get her legs to open for me. Of course, being a male with a sex drive meant I still needed my fill, so I still didn’t give it all up but it was a more balanced effort these days with the time constraints.


I spent the long weekend abroad with some friends and realised how many were the same, they had to cut back too in order to focus on other things. I guess when your demands are being met and you’re out of a negative environment you truly can focus on what you want to do rather than dedicate hours and hours to get an ounce of the low hanging slut with attitude.




Too much of anything


Guys get into slaying girls as a hobby to improve themselves, overcome shortcomings and lastly to enjoy themselves. It’s fair enough, as I think within any young male there is that innate biological desire to spread his seed as far and wide as he can.

But what one fails to consider is the longer term aspects of this life. Initially you’ll suck, failing and looking foolish. Most guys give up here and go back to their boring lives as slaves. But the ones that push through this resistance, enjoy success and improve have other issues coming at them. These issues are more along the lines of finding the right balance.

I was sitting on my couch with the lights dimmed as a regular girl came over for the obvious on a weeknight, I stared at the glass of whiskey on the table and stared through to the lamp behind it. I sat there wanting one thing, no not the obvious physical desire you may think, but I just wanted to be alone. I wanted a good nights sleep. I wanted my place empty so I could have a relaxing night with just me and my thoughts. Some might think its weird, turning down a girl that most people would consider very hot, but once you’ve had enough success, new success loses its shine. 

Maintaining a stable of regulars as well as smashing new prospects is actually much more tiring than you can imagine. Assuming you have a life outside of girls, which I know some guys who are so caught up in this lifestyle whom don’t, you’ll want time to pursue your own interests and have some alone time to relax. But say you have 3-4 regulars, some of which are only free weekends, then it becomes interesting, how much do you invest in each one. Also, when I say “invest” I don’t mean monetary value, but time. Time is life’s currency after all.

“Hey, lets meet next week as I have to work late tonight” read the message on my phone, this girl I met from a bar on the weekend flakes. I am actually really happy,  as I am so exhausted from just banging another skank hours earlier.

After dividing up your time and also factoring in your own pursuits, personal development as well as new poon, you really don’t have much time for yourself.

I was looking at my calendar, flicking through the dates as to when another regular would be going away on a long vacation with her family. Normally guys would be a little down as there’s limited time left to spend with them, but me, I was looking forward to that so I could have some more free time to focus on other recreational pursuits. 

I guess some people reading this may think of it as a boast or a good problem to have but the more established readers, I am sure they can relate. Skanks can never be the top priority. If you’re relating to any of the italicised text above, it’s definitely time to cut back on poon and focus your energy on other areas of your life.




The Return to Warsaw


After three years, I returned to Warsaw in order to re-live some of the moments which triggered my escape from the West. Knowing well inside that it’s very hard to re-experience the joy of an initial experience, I was ready for a more downbeat affair this time round.

I started my trip by catching up with friends I made from 2013 when I first arrived, some of which I’ve met up with in various parts of Eastern Europe and Asia since then. It was a nice re-union with people whom share the same beliefs and progressing through life in an ambitious manner.

After our re-union, I ventured out to the nightlife in order to explore what the city had become.

Despite it being still an improvement from Australia, I was disappointed as expected. The attitudes of the women were far worse from 2013, the career-carousell lifestyle had infected the women of Warsaw and it was obvious that many men had moved to Poland in order to satisfy their thirst for easier, more feminine women.  These factors culminate in a far less enriching experience this time round from what I had experienced last time I was in Warsaw.
I still managed to pull in my first night here, however the efforts I went to were probably border-lining my limits.

The most saddening part of my trip came on the last night. I went to a venue where I visited back in 2013, and sat in corner where I made most of my approaches and had the bulk of my success from last time round. As I sat, I noticed a girl, the same girl from 2013, she dressed well, hair long and stylish, but as I approached her, I couldn’t believe what I saws. The wrinkles appearing on her face, around her eyes and mouth were definitely excessive for the three years of time that had passed. She was undoubtedly the hottest girl in the club back in 2013, now she was a nobody, forcing herself to smile and seem accepted.

All I could think of was “what a horrible waste.” This girl partied away her beauty and is now bound to settle for something far worse than what she could have gotten earlier. She traded in her most valuable asset for meaningless “Fun” and male attention.

It’s a well known saying that “Women age like milk and men age like wine” but I haven’t even brought up the fact that these aged women have higher standards, higher expectations after experiencing the highest quality men in their peak physical years they feel as if they can’t go backwards. However, the burden of disappointment from being pumped and dumped so many times, factors that surely make them less feminine and pleasing leave them to be nothing more than than a fuck buddy, a mere container for a mans sexual pleasure.

They deserve what they get, life isn’t fair.

Busy London


I was in London recently on a short trip to sort out some business for an upcoming project. I was lucky enough to have a few days off towards the end of the trip, it had me thinking about the night life scene in London and encouraged me to explore further.

I was astounded at all the subcultures and genres of venues throughout the city. I always had mixed feelings about living in the global mega cities as it would be tough to really get to the top of the social scene. However, the scene in London is rather segregated, allowing you to find your niche and explore further niches too.

Being rather high up where I live now is a great feeling, although it’s not London or New York, it’s still a rather large city with fantastic amenities and infrastructure. I enjoy being high up in the pecking order through both reputation and foreign status. I thought being the big fish in a medium sized pond wasn’t such a bad deal at all. The drawback is that you’ll always have that desire to check out the highest of highs, and given my ambitious nature it does appeal to me somewhat. However, the sacrifices, and lifestyle pulls me back from committing to somewhere like London at this stage. I still have nights where things didn’t go according to planned and I wonder if a move to a top global city would be better. At the moment the status, and variety where I am offers me enough enjoyment to keep me here, how long that lasts, I’m yet to find out.

Happy New Year!

2015 was a dramatic year with lots of crazy experiences and reference moments for me, 2016, I can’t wait to build on it and start some new things which will undoubtedly keep me rather busy for the next few years. A long-term return to the depression of Melbourne is still an unlikely option for the next 3-5 years, and I’ll try my best to avoid it.





Put one foot after another, and continue. In time you’ll turn around and see how far you’ve come and the path you’ve left behind.

In the age of innovation and technology there’s no doubting that men are competing with technology in order to maintain the attention of women. In the past, a woman would be happy to receive male attention in a face-to-face form, these days, a merely average woman, is now inundated excessively thirsty men from online mediums thus creating an ego which is far beyond what her looks warrant. It’s a sad state we find many societies experiencing in the modern day. In an era of Facebook updates, Instagram selfies, Tinder swiping and Twitter RT’s, there’s no wonder how inflated the female ego has become.

I re-visited a city which I first visited 2012, this city was a hidden gem back then with a plentiful supply of nightlife options, attractive women and decent cost of living. I experienced the deepest carnal pleasures imaginable and delved deep into the adventure which many men dream of. I knew this experience was to be only present for a short lived period of time and after eventually leaving the city I had numerous thoughts of the amazing times I had.

Three years passed and in 2015, I returned, knowing my experiences from 2012 would probably fail to be replicated but secretly hoping they were. I returned to immense disappointment whereby I saw a hefty decline in the women and the city.  The bulk of the girls were glued to their smartphones and spent the majority of their night texting friends and random dudes who were in other clubs down the street. I saw girls with gross ear gauges and heavily tattooed. They had become fatter on average and dressed much worse.

I felt sadness as I knew this wasn’t totally a surprise, most cities I have re-visited only worsen upon my second visit.  I walked out from the venues where I had experienced so much success in the past and walked slowly down the main street in a confused state, my drive in this place was greatly diminished and I had lost the determination which I once had here.

When I visit new cities, I get a jolt of energy, an urge to succeed, a desire to fulfil, on this occassion returning to my past glory wasn’t to be.

The LA Sellout


LA is probably the most pretentious place in the world. Recently an American born Asian skank I encountered validated my initial views on LA.

A bit of background, she’s American born but lived around the world and speaks 5 languages, studying in University in the states now and recently took a gap year and moved to LA in order to make some money.

Sounds innocent enough, right?

She told me about her being a virgin until late January this year (At age 22) and since then she has banged 55 guys in the eight months since then. She’s been in LA for around two months and the vast majority of those 55 guys came in those last two months. In an age of Tinder bangs and random smashes from the street it wasn’t a surprise for me at all, so was she really hot? Not at all, maybe a 6 at best, but the thirst is so strong these days the most successful highest value guys are happy to dumpster dive to the extreme in order to get their dick wet.

Oh and what does she do for work? Works as a Cam Model for some of those online sites where eunuchs hang out to get some sort of sexual exposure. Solid effort.

I was curious to know more about the mindset of this carousel rider. I asked her where in Los Angeles she lives, she then told me she just slams dudes in order to have a place to stay for the night. It’s also common for her to regularly bang 3-4 guys a day, sometimes one for breakfast, one for lunch and a three-way for dinner, all meals, rides and accommodation provided of course. The herbified men of the west really do boost the ego’s of the modern skanks a lot.


The funniest part of this was she was now trying to leverage her sluttery in order to bang movie stars, after already banging semi-well known male models, start up CEO’s and online personalities. Hypergamy unleashed.

Cherry Blossoms


Summer was in full swing, the hot humid weather in Asia was taking its toll on me, although I despised winter so much back in Melbourne the exceedingly humid summers in Asia were probably just as uncomfortable.

I saw her on the underground subway station. Tall, long dark hair, large eyes. From the way that she carried herself, from the confidence in her walk to the directness in her stare, she seemed different. I talked to her. Exchanged brief details and set up a time to meet up in the future.

She was from Japan, it was rather obvious all along, her sense of style should have given it away. When we met up, I noticed her gaze was held so much more deeper than most of the girls I encounter here. Her girl-charm and peaceful demeanour made it impossible not to be attracted to her. The other thing that I noticed was her sense of romanticism, after slowly becoming jaded from a lifestyle which highlights the dark side of women it was probably what I needed.

After realising how much aligned in our philosophies and outlooks on life it was evident that this girl was not just another pump and dump project. This was further re-asserted when I asked her when she last went to Japan, her response was as follows:

“It’s interesting, in the last 18 months or so I’ve been back three times, once cause I missed my family, once cause my grandma was sick and the last time because I really missed Cherry Blossoms”.

As she finished that sentence, I felt this comfort towards her that was impossible to explain, her traditional family values were on display coupled with her romantic and impulsive side too. I could totally relate, I’ve travelled overseas randomly due to missing a landscape that I loved or a venue that I missed do deeply. Call me foolish or irresponsible but having some impulse towards things that make us happy is honestly the aspect which keeps us human and not live a robotic existence.

Over the coming days I glared over pictures of Cherry Blossoms and my desire to see them in person is growing. Although out of season right now, I’ll definitely check them out next year.

Hazy Monday


*Beep Beep Beep Beep*

My alarm goes off.

7:00am, Monday morning.

I wake up to a scent of smoke which lingers on my shirt from the venue last night. Still tired, I wake up and shower swiftly. Upon my exit from the shower, I discover there’s a girl asleep in the lounge room. I honestly had no re-collection of how she got there. After waking her up she tries to make out with me. She was attractive, around an 8, but I was still a little baffled. She told me a little about herself, it made no impression with my memory. She apparently sleep walks and ended up in my lounge room somehow.

I hear the thunderous sounds from outside and call her a cab, preventing her from experiencing the walk of shame to the Metro station.

In a haze of amnesia, I start my short commute to my first meeting of the day. Piece by piece, flashbacks return of the night before. I remember being watched through a window by a girl, in a creepy way, it wasn’t particularly desired by me, the person also wasn’t someone I respected, which meant she was probably not hot.

I remember bumping into a friend also on the way out, it felt so long ago as it was earlier on in the night.

After going through my phone I looked at some of the photos and messages from last night. The mayhem started coming back to me. I look like a semi-famous pseudo-celebrity in this city and have been asked for many photos by people over the past few weeks. This small time fame has lead me to finding some rather wealthy people here and join some elite social circles. Many top venues let me skip lines, don’t charge me for purchases and give me preferential treatment purely due to being associated with certain people. This so called fame, has lead to many groupies and being roofied isn’t a surprise anymore. Here I was thinking only women get date raped..