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Summer Vacation Skanks

Last summer, I spent some time in a famous coastal city in Europe to enjoy a few days of relaxation from my busy schedule.

I went alone with the intention of relaxing and forgetting about the rest of the world.
As I boarded my flight, I noticed tourists.. lots of them.


What I had hoped to be a quiet few days away from civilisation was now going to be overturned with rowdy tourists. i read online that this time of year is generally quiet and peaceful, how wrong it was.

There was one upside however..

Dirty skanks taking “girls trips” away from family and loved ones.

The dark reality of how girls behave away from judgement is for all to be revealed when you see loose they are with their bodies on vacations.

I wasn’t that motivated by the low hanging fruit as I honestly just wanted some alone time but in the back of my mind I was pleased there was some advantage coming from the lack of peace on this vacation.

I checked into my hotel, got myself ready and relaxed by the beach overlooking the sunset. It was surreal… until it was ruined by the sound of rowdy travel skanks.

I met a few more by the beach and also at bars nearby. The thing that astounded me was how openly flirty some of these taken and married girls were. It’s a sad state of affairs for men in the west when their women are cuckolding them at such enormous rates, thanks feminism.

One woman even openly stated “Yeah, this trip is all about me, having fun, playing hard, and getting away from my marriage and life back home”. This same woman was spotted leaving hand-in-hand with a guy from the bar within an hour of exchanging pleasantries. I have always felt a sense of guilt proceeding with taken and married women, so I avoid them. However, its known to me how thirsty some guys are that they will honestly fuck anything they can get (Yes, blacks included) and being in that category that will openly step into someone else’s relationship to ease the thirst is something I never wanted to be involved in.

As I enjoyed a ride on a friends boat, I met several Eastern European girls who were travelling. I was a little surprised at their horniness during their trip also given that they were also taken. I felt sorry for the guys they left back at home knowing that their had wifed up such volatile goods.

Luckily, the student crowd of university skanks enjoying their summer vacation and about to engage in their long list of life regrets satisfied me pretty well. However, the discomfort in seeing female hypergamy in its raw form left me with somewhat of a bitter taste.




The Beauty of Choice

Have you ever had a tough time getting over a girl?
Maybe, you found out she was a total whore, or her nagging got to irredeemable heights or simply it just wasn’t going anywhere.

This happens to all of us, and time is generally the biggest healer of all.

Recently, I was rather annoyed with a particular casual acquaintance as her previous whoredom came out in the midst of a conversation. Of course, I am happily slamming on the side and not really too committed on her but the fact that this girl takes up some of my spare time means she has to be of a certain level in terms of my personal standards.

So I was rather annoyed when certain things didn’t meet my stern standards. Instead of fret and frow over the details and have sleepless nights over it, my oneitis was avoided due to the fact that there was a similarly attractive girl whom was nearby and accessible.

For those that aren’t aware, oneitis:

Oneitis is a disease of the amygdala that presents as a total incapacitation of the man’s logic, reason and interest in hobbies, hygiene and restful sleep. Oneitis exists in two forms, a precoital and postcoital expression of the virus. The precoital, or “#1 crush”, form occurs when two conditions are met: A girl possesses a precise beauty of the face that closely matches the beauty template the man carries in his head for the perfect woman, and this girl is within the man’s visual and aural field. The postcoital, or “no girl will ever be as good as her”, form occurs when the same conditions are met, with the additional factor that the man has boffed the girl and is now not boffing her.

Now, when you live in a place where the mating market is much more balanced and not so skewed to femcentric liberals, this isn’t too hard, but I can surely imagine how much harder it would be for a man living in toxic anti-masculine societies.

Pokemon Stop


Pokemon Go has been out for a while now and being a person whom is very strict with time management, I simply didn’t see the appeal of walking around and wasting time trying to catch Pokemon in my neighbourhood. I played a couple of hours in order to see what the fuss was about and it simply isn’t something that appeals to me, maybe when I was 12, I would have loved this but definitely not as an adult.


Think about the people around you who are addicted to Pokemon Go. Are they the successful ones? Are they the ones that achieve much? Are they the ones you respect? Probably not. The best thing Pokemon Go has done has got to be how it has identified people around me with low impulse control and also ones who are craving that next dopamine hit. Almost every guy I respect or deem successful has stayed away from the addiction of Pokemon Go. Yet almost every loser I know, seems to be staying up late at night driving around and trying to catch more Pokemon or take over gyms in the middle of the night.

At least I am happy to see businesses cash in on the Pokemon-addicted zombies.


Male Bonding


Male Bonding is often discounted these days by guys aiming to slay pussy all day.

I see it time and time again, hapless guys getting into the game after an adolescence marred by invisibility to the opposite gender. They go so hard, approaching, dating and spending almost all their leisure time on chasing girls. Soon after getting some success, there’s nobody to shoot the shit with or share the success with. Surely neglecting all male company for pussy is the worst slavery to the female genitalia there could be.

I can’t stress enough over the last few years where spending too much time around females made me want to just be far, far away from them.

In past generations, men spend time with other men, gathering, sharing and exchanging helpful ideas. Women spent time around women, gossiping, sharing beauty tips and exchanging ideas too.

For women that I was smashing back in Australia, I literally used them as cum receptacles. They would meet up, spread their legs and allow me to do the dirty with them. I needed nothing else, and I was ok with this.

Where I am now, girls can help me improve my language ability, assist with some paperwork that inevitably comes up with living abroad as well as assist me with some cultural differences. Sure, these are minor things but they are useful for me. Oh and I almost forgot, they spread their legs too. However, any major issues or decisions, I prefer discussing these with men who are of the same mindset as me. Telling a woman something important simply doesn’t get me anywhere.

Recently, I was on a short overseas trip with a girl I had been seeing casually for a while, over the course of the four day trip, things were great, lots of good times sightseeing and exploring but by the end of it, I simply wanted some space or the chance to chill with some male friends.

Given how much effort is required to even get intimacy from a woman in the western world these days for the average man, the costs of being around them all the time to attain the reward of a scrap of sexual release is slowly becoming more unattractive for men. However, nobody should forget the need for friendship and replace it with time spent around women.

This is the reason why women invent terms like “BFF”, (Best Friend Forever). When you can’t really count on your friends to be there, you artificially pump the value of your friendships with branding exercises that allow you and them to think the relationship is more profound than it is. Men have no need for such verbal callisthenics, because a man’s close friends have earned their place in his world by their action, not by their word. His loyal male friends are presumed BFFs. No marketing or product branding required.


Be choosy with how you spend your time, and most importantly with whom.

How far have you come?


Some years ago, back in Melbourne, I used to wake up on cold winter mornings while it was dark and foggy outside. I would be so depressed with the corporate grind that I would think that anything has to be better than this.

I made good money, went to the best university for my field, and had great grades, all for this?

I would shower then get dressed and then spend a few moments looking at any type of work I could do abroad to get out of the Feminist and SJW haven of Australia. I would consider anything besides slaving in Melbourne to be a step up from my life back then.

Fortunately, after a few years of hard work and some good moments I was able to survive and finally leave that life behind.

I can honestly say, once I left, I had this re-invigorated energy that I find hard to describe. The pressure, stress and negativity around me in Melbourne had been lifted. I felt like a wild lion being freed from a zoo and back into its natural habitat. It was amazing.

Following that high, there was obviously some re-grouping to do.

I slowly adjusted to my new life which contained much more freedom compared to the life I lived in Melbourne. Sure, I wasn’t making 200k+ anymore but I was much happier doing my own thing and being able to forge my own path.

This feeling continued and as I adjusted, I started to think what could the next adventure be? Is there going to be the next high? Or was I merely wasting my time for temporary happiness? I started to think more about the future. I do truly believe in destiny and sometimes hope to let nature takes its path however, these days I do think about the future more and more.

Once a man has been freed from the cubible lifestyle and enjoyed the freedom for a while, there is definitely a part of him that will want to achieve further, and great a life purpose. A goal. It’s ingrained into us, and of course being ambitious and driven, that desire is strong within me too.

Not fully utilising your talents is probably the biggest waste of all.

..but take a moment and enjoy some introspection to figure out how far you’ve come in the last few years.

So how far have you come? Are you still chained to a soulless existence? Are you free and enjoying yourself? Are you looking for that next project? Or are you working away on your dreams?


Too much of anything


Guys get into slaying girls as a hobby to improve themselves, overcome shortcomings and lastly to enjoy themselves. It’s fair enough, as I think within any young male there is that innate biological desire to spread his seed as far and wide as he can.

But what one fails to consider is the longer term aspects of this life. Initially you’ll suck, failing and looking foolish. Most guys give up here and go back to their boring lives as slaves. But the ones that push through this resistance, enjoy success and improve have other issues coming at them. These issues are more along the lines of finding the right balance.

I was sitting on my couch with the lights dimmed as a regular girl came over for the obvious on a weeknight, I stared at the glass of whiskey on the table and stared through to the lamp behind it. I sat there wanting one thing, no not the obvious physical desire you may think, but I just wanted to be alone. I wanted a good nights sleep. I wanted my place empty so I could have a relaxing night with just me and my thoughts. Some might think its weird, turning down a girl that most people would consider very hot, but once you’ve had enough success, new success loses its shine. 

Maintaining a stable of regulars as well as smashing new prospects is actually much more tiring than you can imagine. Assuming you have a life outside of girls, which I know some guys who are so caught up in this lifestyle whom don’t, you’ll want time to pursue your own interests and have some alone time to relax. But say you have 3-4 regulars, some of which are only free weekends, then it becomes interesting, how much do you invest in each one. Also, when I say “invest” I don’t mean monetary value, but time. Time is life’s currency after all.

“Hey, lets meet next week as I have to work late tonight” read the message on my phone, this girl I met from a bar on the weekend flakes. I am actually really happy,  as I am so exhausted from just banging another skank hours earlier.

After dividing up your time and also factoring in your own pursuits, personal development as well as new poon, you really don’t have much time for yourself.

I was looking at my calendar, flicking through the dates as to when another regular would be going away on a long vacation with her family. Normally guys would be a little down as there’s limited time left to spend with them, but me, I was looking forward to that so I could have some more free time to focus on other recreational pursuits. 

I guess some people reading this may think of it as a boast or a good problem to have but the more established readers, I am sure they can relate. Skanks can never be the top priority. If you’re relating to any of the italicised text above, it’s definitely time to cut back on poon and focus your energy on other areas of your life.




The Fake Email


As you all know, I worked in Financial Services sector for a few years. Financial Services can be a pretty cut throat field for the people who aren’t able to build a good perception amongst their peers. The field can lead to extensive work hours and stressful times.

However, if you have a tool kit of strategies to appear to be a dedicated and hard-working employee, things can be a lot easier. I was a master at making my work ethic look substantially better than what it is. Lets be honest, nobody wants to slave in Investment Banking, and therefore I used a few strategies to appear to work hard without actually doing so.

My first strategy was to write fake emails.

I used to regularly write emails to myself or close friends that made absolutely no sense. For example:

Dear sir,

We have discussed all aspects of our enquiry with all parties involved. It appears though final considerations of the species mindset are being made as we speak. The plethora of activity which has occurred in Sector B2 and B3 suggests to me that my initial predictions had some sense of accuracy also. I understand your doubts and concerns over the longevity of this potential deal however, I am assuring you this paradigm shifting transaction will require faith in all parties involved. The leadership and future of this rubric of individuals are heavily dependent on all parties conforming to a strict and well adhered set of guidelines. I am aware of your inability to comply and will take necessary action in order to correct any instances of misalignment to our core values which have stood in unison for the last fifty years.

The confidential nature of this email requires it to be deleted after the information has been read and conveyed to all relevant individuals. I expect full compliance with this request.

All the best,



Now, this email means absolutely nothing, just random sentences stitched together making absolutely no sense to anyone. I would freestyle these emails at rapid pace when people were around me so my laptops keyboard made enough noise to imply I was so heavily focussed on writing an important email that nobody surrounding me would disturb me with any requests. This strategy proved very effective for me as I already had a “hard-working” reputation and this further solidified how into my work I was.

The Fake E-mail is a fantastic strategy to use when you’re in a room with people around you and you’re trying to give the impression you are really busy and deeply focussed on your work.


Truth Hurts

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Reality really is a bitter pill to swallow..

Youthful Radiance


The freshness of Youth is simply impossible to replicate

To any younger guy whose had experiences with the members of the opposite gender that are of an older mindset both biologically nor emotionally, they will understand the feelings they create due to their younger, more jovial and energetic persona.

When sharing perceptions, life experiences, hopes, goals and dreams, its easy to witness the glint in a woman’s eye, as acknowledgement of respect. The energy that youth provides is a special asset which is to be forged and utilised to achieve success. Allowing a woman to experience your hopes, successes and failures, entangles her deep within your world, giving her the freedom to roam and explore who are.

The outcome can be intoxicating.

An encounter recently showed me the paradox of human nature. After working away at a very attractive but heavily westernised girl with a hyper-masculine personalty, I was pleasantly surprised after sharing stories and life views how easy it is to unfold the true vulnerabilities in the most brash beings.

For a strict moment, they would be captured in my world, in my dreams. Dreaming of youth, energy and potentially another opportunity. Only to later be swallowed back into their true existence, their reality. A reality of the corporate grind, monotony and a soulless existence, all reflected in their features and their voices.

Your life is the canvas and your experiences are the vivid colours which reveal your brightest and darkest pastures in life. The stark contrasts show the sweetest joys and livid lows that life serves us. Your words convey this, and allow individuals to peep into the window to your soul.

The Secret Society


There’s a society of women in some cities, they are grouped on certain characteristics. These characteristics aren’t visible to the naked eye, but the result of not detecting them could lead to rather visibly detrimental results for your well-being.

In certain parts of the world, certain cities, there are a group of highly promiscuous women, say a couple hundred of them that cumulatively service the majority of the foreign guys, sexually, that either visit or live within that city. No this isn’t prostitution or anything of that nature. This is simply slutty women that crave foreign dick and will openly approach foreign men with legs wide open. You’ll find them on dating sites, on Tinder, at the local bars and clubs.

You might be thinking something along the lines of “Oh who cares, easy bangs for me haha!!”, or “Eskimo brothers!!!”

But think deeply.

You have thousands of foreign guys  from all around the world banging the same women, many of these girls will raw dog. Now see my concern?

This is the unfortunate case. Besides the hit to your ego by knowing your not the pump and dump player much more skilled than the rest, the exposure to a myriad of STDs is the ultimate risk.

Beside the STD risks, what are the girls like? The girls themselves are in the 6-7 range in terms of looks, so they are basically just a substitute to jerking off. Pretty boring cardboard personalities and substantially more westernised compared to the local women (Potentially due to prolonged and perpetual exposure to Western Men). They really just are an easy smash and dash.

The easiest means to identify a secret society member is by the ease of banging her, indirectly ask about her list of flags, maybe share some stories of your flags. She’ll then be more likely to open up about how she got gang banged by a group of Canadians at a youth hostel. Another pointer, definitely wrap it up and throw her out the morning after like a used condom, you really don’t want cum buckets like that lying around for too long in your presence.

The secret society, a small exclusive group, filled with potential hazards. If you ever bump into a member, be weary.