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Christmas List!

Christmas Wish List

With Christmas merely a few days away, I thought I’d post up a typical FOB Christmas Wish list, complete with reasoning as to why these gifts are so heavily desired.

Dear Santa,

I’ve been  a good boy this year, I have studied 65 hours every week and have scraped H1 for every subject except Organisational Behaviour which I sadly got a H3 for.

So far these holidays, I have religiously followed my holiday routine and have not engaged in any interaction with the outside world to distract me from my goals.

I’m trying so hard to improve in my English that I even got this letter to you proof-read by three native English speakers!

Please Santa, I’d love to receive the following in return for my persistence and hard work this year:
– Karaoke Machine (So I can be a master at Karaoke and beat my FOB friends next time at K-Box!)

– New Pho recipes (Sure, its a simple dish but I want to make it unique since I have it 3 times a day!)

– No Doz (Pretty much a per-requisite for my late night pre-studying for 2013)

– Lots of Red Bull (As above)

Modelling Extremal Events for Insurance and Finance (Definitely want a head start in my Actuarial career!)

The Aptitude Test Workbook (Need to get that edge for my dream graduate job)

Lots of Love,

Xing Lee Jiao

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