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The dumpster diving and white knightery of the west left me feeling disgusted for so long. I felt a part of my soul dying when I saw how men were incorrectly assuming that their pleasantries were going to be rewarded with sweet intimacy.

I spent time in Ukraine and noticed that a more traditional culture didn’t foster White Knightery at all. Men weren’t thirsty, they weren’t so starved that they had to dumpster dive so hard to get an ounce of poon. It was a refreshing trip which gave me hope in the world after all the gender-equality propaganda which people face in the west today. I knew my future lied outside of the Anglosphere, I simply couldn’t waste my peak years in an environment which has become so anti-male and depressing to me.

I moved abroad, and now realise that the rest of the world is much more level-headed than the West. Inter-gender relations appear to be normal, there’s no imbalance or limitless mating choices for one gender like there is in the West. Whenever there’s an imbalance such as what we see with women in the west, there’s bound to be consequences for the mating market.

What happens if you give a woman freedom? She enslaves herself to her feelings. She enslaves herself to entertainment, attention from men, alcohol, food, material possessions, and money. What happens when you give a man freedom? He enslaves himself to sex, corporate products, video games, to his own mirror image.

The west has too much freedom, the lack of control in people is governed by the constant increase in the liberal mindset where no wrong can simply be accepted, everything has become so politically correct that I feel as if certain rubrics of people are now in permanent cuddle-pits where they will only be praised, never criticised.