Angry Arts Students

But.. we’re studying what we love?!

Now I’m sure everyone considers a Bachelor of Arts to be a complete joke (Personally, I thought Commerce was a complete joke too!) But unfortunately there are some deluded students out there who think otherwise.

A friend of mine recently took some retard-friendly breadth subject from the Arts faculty so they could relax and only focus on core subjects.

So how did it go? Not so great… The cohort was the main problem from what I’ve been told.

Now seriously, a class filled with latte-sipping, Beret-wearing, leftist losers constantly whinging about useless issues which nobody could care less about isn’t exactly a dream cohort especially when you’re looking to just sleep through classes and attain a perfunctory H1.

The real problem is that many Arts students feel as if they constantly express their views that it will make a difference and the world will change, just because they argued their point over and over and over again. Very logical thinking. This often leads to in-class discussion which gets very heated, not that the tutor minds though. Why? Because the tutor can just step back and watch the stubborn students debate about their opinions and ideologies, while the tutor “facilitates” it by asking some super generic questions and making vague statements so they can continue to appear that they really care (Before you begin the usual rage, just note that a friend of mine actually tutored a couple of Arts subjects and said this herself).

Luckily, the saving grace for my friend (Who did manage to get H1), was that the content was so obvious that the majority of it can be understood well with absolutely no attendance. Yet somehow there are Arts retards who actually major in this field  and struggle to get H2B’s and H2A’s. Absolute geniuses!

Luckily though, as time passes, most of the Arts students will get what they deserve, which is often entry into a useless Masters Program (Goooo Melbourne model!), a DipEd and a passive teaching gig (Ambitious yo!), the longer path to a law career (By doing a JD and hoping for the best in entering the saturated Law graduate market) or maybe a lovely retail or fast-food gig (Sorry, had to throw in the Arts graduate stereotype).

The sad truth is a few years spent reading useless texts, writing garbage essays, debating hopeless issues won’t exactly get you too far unless you’ve got other things going for you. Life isn’t fair.

Oh and I’m not expecting any Arts kids to accept anything written in this post. Just go back to picking out spelling mistakes and grammars throughout the blog. Oh and arguing too. Stay delusional guys!

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37 thoughts on “Angry Arts Students

  1. MMK says:

    I like doing Arts, I know i’m a loser for doing it but i don’t know what else i’d do

  2. Duck says:

    You forgot this in your postscript:

    Oh, and I’m not expecting any Arts kids to read this, since I only have four readers, and there are a lot more students in Science and Commerce than in Arts.

    Also, there is no need to capitalise ‘beret’.

  3. FT says:

    I actually thought it was a funny read, I can definitely see where you’re coming from after doing a few Arts breadth subjects myself.

  4. Delusional Arts Student says:

    Hey you know what is totally useless in today’s society? Communication skills, the ability to argue and explain your points clearly and concisely, written abilities and verbal capabilities. There definitely is not a real problem in Science and Commerce sectors with regards to poor writing and communication. I mean, the prominence of social media doesn’t mean that public relations has become prominently text-driven, that employers look for people who actually know how to write professionally – i.e. to not have their work blighted by spelling and grammar problems – and present a reliable image for their company/business. There are also, in fact, absolutely no jobs in social, media and public relations, journalism, publishing, advertising, editing, law, the public service, writing, social work etc. Also no one ever wants to become a teacher and being a teacher is disgraceful and pitiful thing to be, the absolute lowest of the low.

    PS I don’t think many Arts students – unless they hope to become professional academics – except their future careers to involve writing analyses of the role colonialism plays in Pride and Prejudice. However, they do know that the research, writing and communication skills they acquire during will be useful later on. Have fun using your basic knowledge of economics that every single person in your career path will already have to really get ahead! I’m sure your sanctimonious narrow-mindedness will be a real asset!

    • Not telling says:

      Looks like the author called it. Argument initiated by the Arts Student

      • Delusional Arts Student says:

        Yep, someone responds and disagrees with the author – Arts student so OPINION INVALID.

    • AB says:

      Haha loving it that you imply that you’ll “get ahead” with arts compared to commerce. Would love to find out how many successful individuals have got a arts degree alone. Lolz and your comment on communications skills : if you need a three year degree to teach you these you’ve got problems.

      Haha arts students, what a joke !

      • Delusional Arts Student says:

        Uh, I didn’t imply I would ‘get ahead’ with an Arts degree? I pointed out that there are actually quite a few career paths open to Arts students and just having a commerce degree doesn’t guarantee you a job anymore than having an Arts degree prevents you from getting one. Seems like you need some basic comprehension skills – should have done Arts!

  5. You Know It says:

    “accept” not “except” their future careers to involve writing analyses…
    You’re welcomed.
    Sincerely, Commerce Student.

  6. Evanna says:

    Arts had a higher entrance score than Science this year. Also, I’m guessing you went to school at some point in your life.. your teachers would have done Arts degrees. Arts degrees are what got you into uni. Think about that.

  7. Super FOB says:

    What the fucking up is this thing you calling the arts? Is it a shitty degree being taking by the white skin peopre? What a big joking i tell you. My indian housekeeper telling me this joke: What is the differences between a art students and a bucket of shits? The bucket. Only stupit peopres will taking arts degree. Primarily this i referring to is the white peopres. A very dumbing races of peopre who saying that happiness better than the moneys? Haha. I dont know what drugs these parents taking but i knowing that moneys is the best and i have arot of the moneys. Morals of this story is: Using the rogic before taking the degree please. (Its okay if white peopre dont doing this. More moneys for me)

  8. Chrisanthy says:

    What is wrong with doing a dip education/master of teaching! I’m in the process of completing one right now (& no i didn’t do a arts degree before). Without teachers (or people in education) you would not know how to write/read or be as successful as you are in education in terms of getting into uni & having a career! I hate when ppl are all high and mighty about what degree they do and love to be degrading to others. Honestly i believe that a person should be able to study whatever they want to, its there own choice & every degree holds a place/reason in our society. Honestly i know plenty of ppl who did an arts degree & are both successful and happy in their chosen area. Just like you degrade people who do arts degrees, ppl could do the same thing with the degree that you did!

    • Tim says:

      Good for you, nobody is stopping you from studying what you want. I know a lot of homeless people on the streets that are both happy and consider themselves successful in their own way!

  9. Suite says:

    Fast food workers are people too. Stop being such an elitist douche.

    • o rly says:

      Oh they are? I didn’t know the author was calling them animals or something. Dammit. Should’ve done arts so I could’ve picked that up

  10. Ana Marasa says:

    This is just insulting! I’m not an arts student, but this is neither funny or clever. If you’re going to write something like this at least be a little more considerate about the fact that maybe everyone isn’t super intelligent like you to get into commerce/science degrees.
    Also do you understand that there are also different “types” of intelligence? I bet you would have a lot of difficulty writing a history essay or thesis for example, while someone majoring in history would have find it difficult to differentiate an equation.

  11. Clintong says:

    Science students ask “How was it made”, Engineering students ask “How do we make it?”, Commerce students ask “How much will it cost to make it”, and Arts students ask “Would you like fries with that?”.

  12. Stop Wasting Your Time says:

    I don’t normally comment on blogs, let alone outlets that seem so futile as this one, but I have to say that this post is just a little embarrassing. Of course, you are entitled to your opinions and that there is an element of truth in what you write, but there are “elements” of truth in any stereotype. This is such an informed, pointless and immature summary of a certain demographic who bears no competition nor threat to your life plans, so why feel the need for such an attack?

    And if you’re naive enough to think that your future employers can’t trace you to this blog, all the best to you. Let alone the Arts faculty who could find grounds in this for a defamation suit if they so chose.

    Grow up, and stick to writing about what’s actually relevant.

    • Sense check says:

      Dude, its a blog. Relax. If you haven’t realised already almost every post here is attacking and troll-like

  13. Stop Wasting Your Time says:

    Doesn’t matter. This is how hatred is bred between faculties, and the internet is full of enough shit as is it.

    • Jon says:

      No, hatred is bred between people of faculties who CAN’T take a joke, who always thinks everything is serious. The internet is full of information, some false, some true, some offensive, some inspirational, etc.

      It’s how the INDIVIDUAL interprets it and reacts to it. I’m pretty sure you LEARNT THIS IN VCE if you did mainstream English, or even ESL for that matter. Though if you did Literature or English Language, I have no comment to that except the basics shouldve been taught before Year 11 anyway.

      So just a random topic could be a photo:
      Of a Greenpeace ship harassing a Japanese whaler and getting sprayed with water cannons.
      A Greenpeace supporter Greenpeace might think its awfully brave and courageous of Greenpeace people to stand up to a giant ship.
      A whaling supporter might think Greenpeace are overly confident of themselves fighting a giant ship.
      A politician who supports neither might think Greenpeace is breaking the law.
      A kid might think its really funny because its a David vs. Goliath photo but in the sea, and wondering why on earth is such a small ship is taking on a big ship!

      P.S. I am not disclosing whether I think whaling is bad or not, I am merely using a hypothetical example on how different people might interpret different things.
      And that, all the hate that arises from the so called “shit” on the internet comes from people who takes things TOO SERIOUSLY.

      It’s not as if the creator of this blog is petitioning to the government on how flawed these courses or forcibly enforcing his views on anyone; he is just expressing HIS views! And how does it make him elitist? I’m sure many people think that their course choice was the best decision that they made and that they are proud of it, isnt that human nature?

      Also, why the comment about future employers tracing him to his blog? Future employers have no right to go into your personal lives or take into account your views when employing you, that is called discrimination if they refuse to offer/consider a person a job because of their beliefs.

      One last thing, the Arts faculty bringing a defamation suit? There are so many flaws in that statement I wont bother going through with it all. And all I’ve done is Commerce law subjects. First thing, it has to be directed specifically to an entity for there to be an actual defamation, and all i see closest is mentioning “Bachelor of Arts”, which is a product. Second, there is also a defence called “Honest Opinion”, and clearly this is the blogger’s honest opinion. If everyone’s view was held liable, boy, the courts will be packed to the seams like no tomorrow. If I type on my blog and say Apple products are such a joke , does that give Apple the right to sue me for defamation?

      Ahh…I love writing long arguments, I definitely shouldve chosen philosophy as a subject, too late now…no more electives.

      Thanks for helping me procrastinate by the way!

      Cheers XD

  14. B says:

    Who the fuck wears a beret?

  15. Jessica says:

    I am an Arts student and I find this very offensive. People often judge the gentle and lost Art student, who perhaps could not find their place in University anywhere else. So to your rude and downright hurtful blog post, I say shame on you! I won’t argue against the point that there may be particular individuals within Arts who hold certain attitudes (I could certainly say the same for any other faculty). However there is no need to insult Arts students, claim we are going to end up jobless and also attack people studying various Postgraduate degrees.

    The University of Melbourne have decided that the Bachelor of Arts is a worthy enough course to have – so why can’t you?

    P.S – I don’t wear a beret, drink coffee or express my view more wholeheartedly than any other average Joe.

  16. practicalfool says:

    Engineering/Tech students get into uni with some idea about what they want.
    Science/Commerce students get into uni knowing they will know what they want.
    Art students sometimes know they don’t want anything real…

    PS: I killed english when I graduated from high school, and history for that matter. Arts students are too dumb to learn enough of that in school so they feel the need to prolong their training in the banal into uni!

  17. Zyzz BRah says:

    hahah everything you write here makes sense, seen it happen aroudn uni so many times man!

  18. […] students at The University of Melbourne. I would gladly say that the majority would be Angry Arts Students who are also probably ugly […]

  19. Well, -someone's- mad. says:

    “Hurr durr I’ll say I was trolling now nobody will think I’m actually an invalid.”
    “Derp derp I’ll bet everyone who isn’t me is dumb because I never actually talk to people.”

  20. D-Tran says:

    Oh boy watch these raging retards rant about their choices, you called it buddy, they’ll argue all day and night but will never accept reality. get a fuckin grip people.

  21. You're a terrible person says:

    I know you think you’re right because if someone doesn’t accept something, or because they’re an arts student. All you’re doing is tearing other people down to feel a slight sense of gratification between bouts of guilt over realizing you’re a terrible person. Great to knock on retarded people as well. I hope you’re proud of what you’ve become. Even if an Arts student can’t contribute to the world in the narrow way that you deem to be valuable, at least they don’t have to pick on anyone else to be happy.

    • Chester says:

      Buddy, don’t act like you’ve never called a mate of yours retarded for doing something dumb, have a little cry and learn to not give a fuck and take things so seriously, maybe then you’ll actually live life properly instead of worrying so much about what others think all the time.

  22. Mimi says:

    You’re so sanctimonious. I’m a commerce student too. Arts is the one of the few intellectually and personally enriching courses out there. I agree the career prospects can be slim, that doesn’t make it irrelevant. It seem’s you’re just ignorant. Commerce teaches nothing about society, culture, or individuals.

  23. gratissex says:

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