Book Review: Why Can’t I Use A Smiley Face?

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I was offered to review Roosh V’s latest memoir “Why Can’t I Use A Smiley Face?” which details his month long return to his native USA after spending almost two years abroad.
Commencing with his last days in Europe, Roosh details his arrival to the US which is received with bittersweet emotions. His unconventional lifestyle which has lead him to travel a myriad of countries around the world has had left him with pitfalls with his friends and family back home. He elaborates his family’s view on his unique lifestyle and the rift which has been created due to his extended periods of time away.

Throughout the book, Roosh’s honest explanations of his thought processes make it easy to comprehend his development as a person which has come with his worldly experiences. The unique experiences, entertaining stories and words of wisdom which are easy to notice throughout the memoir insinuate the learning which has occurred through the many years of traveling.

A common theme throughout the book is the juxtaposition between the culture and women which he encounters back in the US to what he has experience in Europe for the last two years.  The overall negativity and discontent which Roosh explains about America would leave readers nodding in agreement. The materialistic culture, masculine attitudes, distant & cold personalities present in the women throughout the book make it easy to understand why Roosh has such a negative perception of American Women. After experiencing the allure of feminine women all throughout Eastern Europe, that do not possess traits such as self-entitlement well above their sexual market value, it leaves little hesitation as to why he has such a low desire to pursue women in the United States.
It’s evident throughout the book that Roosh cannot fit in to the American culture anymore, the same culture in which he grew up, is now met with disgust and displeasure. The book ends with no clear premonition of what Roosh will do in the future but a sense of vague excitement.

Overall, Roosh’s latest work was entertaining, his dry sense of humour coupled with his clear and expressive writing style makes this book a pleasure to read.

13 thoughts on “Book Review: Why Can’t I Use A Smiley Face?

  1. Steve Maddell says:

    Good review, looking forward to reading this!

  2. Jus says:

    Go back to trollin~!

  3. Kenneth Wong says:

    Get back to Melb Uni shit nigger!

  4. Kristy says:

    Sounds like a pretty interesting read, similar style to yours probably

  5. Unity says:

    doing reviews n0w?

  6. Dom says:

    is it even out yet?

  7. Je-Mai says:

    Sounds like a good read, I’ll try to find a free copy out there sometime!

  8. Kelsey says:

    Book looks pretty short, but I bet it has some value in there.

  9. C. Thornhill says:

    I had a read, its pretty interesting and depressing at the same time.

  10. Galina says:

    I’ll buy this if its <$5

  11. hexpheen says:

    Kindle version is $3.

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