BCom Majors II: Management

So in this post, I’ll be continuing on the series of Bachelor of Commerce majors, today it’s Management.

So all throughout the business world we hear words like Manager, Leader etc. Surely majoring in Management will make you something along those lines?

..Hell NO!

The management major is the biggest waste of time one can possible invest in. Basically if you’ve done Organisational Behaviour (Compulsory 2nd year Commerce subject) then you can do almost all of the 3rd year management subjects, which will give you a Management Major aka. Waste of time major.

Before everyone starts raging how I’m being a bit critical about it, just think, most managers don’t just become a major out of nowhere, they do their time and work their way up into managerial roles. A management major where you will discuss garbage management theories from 1929 and the loser who came up with it, will probably not get you to a Managerial role.

The major is basically catered towards Arts students that can basically write garbage in a structured and concise manner. Exams are generally worth 40-60% meaning that you’ll be doing many assignments throughout the semester. Also since the subject really doesn’t have much use of having tutorials, since everything can be rote learned in a matter of hours, you will be expected to “participate” and do lame group activities in your tutorials, often leading to a mark for participation (anywhere to 5-10%, maybe more).

A lot of people that can’t hack real majors will add on the Management major as a second major, but again, doing 3 level-3 subjects about Management doesn’t really change your life too much.

In terms of Graduate prospects, the majority of people in Management majors will be doing it with something else (Common combinations include Marketing/Management & Accounting/Management). This naturally means that they’ll be relying on their other major for their employment prospects. For people doing straight Management majors.. well.. they’d just be looking at general graduate programs, usually these require no skills, just any ol’ uni degree, even arts!

Most people don’t delve into this major, and rightfully so but if you really are bored and don’t want to focus at all on uni, do this. You don’t need to rock up, and can just cram for the exam and still get a decent mark.

A real manager!


10 thoughts on “BCom Majors II: Management

  1. zoel says:

    no one will argue with you on this. next FOB post please. or a post about lecturers. btw, which posts were written by your guest writers? or do you do the final writing for all of them.

  2. Evan says:

    Do a management major -> Become a manager!? Yeah right, spon on once again with this.

  3. Thu says:

    Just wanted to say, LOVE your blog. Funny and satirical. You should do a post on pretentious and snooty rich kids.

  4. edwin yeoh says:

    Fuck you! Im reporting this to the deans office!!!!

  5. Tryone says:

    AWWWW HELLLL NOOO! Dam white man oppressin us black folk. whatchu talking about fooool?

  6. dan says:

    commerce students are clueless stupid people anyway, fobs or locals regardless. The nature of commerce studies is boring and involves a lot of common sense, which a lot of you people don’t have. Fun fact: engineering graduates hold more CEO positions than commerce graduates, pretty much says it all.

  7. […] but I have heard of some students undertaking it along with side joke majors such as Marketing or Management (Oh what a useful […]

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