I thought I’d do a serious post for a change, and since it’s still the midst of exams for most people, I decided it would be appropriate to relate this entry to them.

So a few days ago while trudging through the crowded streets in East Village after work, I received a call. It was an Australian number, it turned out to be a friend who’s still at The University of Melbourne. It was 8 in the morning in Melbourne and she was just about to head in to an exam.

This triggered my recollection of how I dealt with exams. The following was my routine.

Throughout the semester I usually end up studying the bare minimum in order to just have a superficial understanding of the concepts. I usually end up only attending tutorials and the odd lecture when I feel motivated enough. If a subject has a mid-semester test I usually end up neglecting my other subjects and focussing on preparing for that. Yes, I was lazy, but I still got great results.

As exam time neared, I’d often start looking through course materials in a more serious manner. This was often around Week 11 or 12. During SWOTVAC I’d start filling in the gaps for all the little things I needed to know. I’d always consult with friends who had done the subject previously to get an idea of what to expect and what to focus on. This saved a lot of time. Plus, I’d just end up using their notes too.

During SWOTVAC, I become nocturnal, although I spend a lot of time procrastinating too I end up working much better at odd hours of the morning. I’d often procrastinate for hours, then sparodically pull off some of the most intense studying I could ever imagine.

The days leading into the exam I’d do a bit of practice and end up relaxing a lot more, often doing nothing the day before the exam. On exam day I’d avoid talking to people about the exam and just listen to music and not really think too much until I got to the venue.

After the exam I’d spend the day relaxing and not really thinking about my next exam until the day after (Unless I’ve been so unlucky and it’s on the same day ofcourse!)

and yeah.. in case you were wondering.. this routine got me a pretty solid average.



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8 thoughts on “Exams

  1. Jay says:

    Contrary to all the lifeless losers whinging, in all honesty, the funny posts were better! Stay on that!

  2. Super FOB says:

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      • colourcoat says:

        I actually though it was lolsworthy

      • Super FOB says:

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  3. jesse says:

    Lucky as, NY in the summer is amazing.

  4. littlepdog says:

    Question, how did you manage to move to NYC after university? Doing that has always been a dream of mine. Commerce will also be my field btw. Any advice would be awesome.

  5. Kitti says:

    I’m jealous, really am

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