The Players Pitfall



The modern player knows more about women then women know about themselves. Through his myriad of wild adventures, a player will develop a sixth sense and also demystify the nonsensical drama that women create. It is these traits that assist the player in obtaining success in a relationship with beautiful women with such ease.

However, one must think, what is the biggest weakness for a player when in a relationship? No, it isn’t keeping a girl on her toes, it isn’t having command of the relationship, it isn’t keeping that spark alive, so what is it? It’s the memory of previous successes with women, successes that brought about a variety and excitement which is impossible to replicate with the one girl. The drama, the highs, the satisfaction and excruciating lows of playing the field keep the players coming back for me.

The knowledge that the player has ingested through his experiences is his confidence in the aptitude to seduce women. This is the ticking time bomb which holds back his relationship durability. A player will view the world through difference eyes, after being exposed to unique experiences which many men do not face, the player will know that his abilities can allow him to bed many pretty beauties regularly without substantial effort.

In contrast, to be the inexperience male with no history of sexual plenitude, for whom the lifestyle of regular women, regular variety and wild experience seems too surreal to fathom. He is now free to step back from the beauty of a woman and consider her mark value. When this man falls in love with an accessible woman, one he can call his own, he only has little to compare this with. He ignorantly cherishes his chosen one, wonderfully oblivious of the imprecision and facileness with which he would submit to, and love dutifully, the millions of opposing options were they to be more touchable for him.

The player breaks many hearts, moves from girl to girl and is disgusted by a placid lifestyle. Toning this down into a more relaxing long term relationship poses a challenge, the exciting memories and drama-filled lifestyle is a constant reminder of the hey days.

The final curse of the player is rather calculated, the pursuit of everlasting love is stunted by a smoke screen of experiences which one cannot simply forget or unsee and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the player’s pitfall.

14 thoughts on “The Players Pitfall

  1. Bombs away says:

    The unpredicabillity, suspense and excitement the player gives women leaves them coming back for more. How else can a woman swoon so deeply? She’ll need to feel feelings that she’s simply never been allowed to feel before. This is why a player is so successful with women.

  2. Jay Joulez says:

    MUB i can tell you’ve played the field for so long,are you considering settling down? Some of these posts you write point me towards player fatigue.

  3. Pavel says:

    Sigh, we can just never settle these days, the looming scent of fresh pussy controls us.

  4. player boi says:

    Excellent post, absolutely spot on, you’re only in love and settling once you’ve eradicated those memories from your brain.

  5. Kic says:

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  6. Not Saying says:

    When one exhausts an old passion, the common tendency is to try to revive it, but this tends to be futile and wasteful. Better to move on to new passions, keeping the old one in your life in a reduced way, as an enrichment, an enhancement, but not the main thing. You want to avoid stalling into entropy. You want to keep progressing as a person, improving your place in the world and your capacity to get whatever you want (in this big world of diverse options).
    It seems the feeling we actually value most is way below the surface of the particulars of the endeavor at hand. Finding yourself becoming indifferent to an old passion (which used to run your life) can be liberating, which can be refreshing, even exhilerating, as you are free to focus on new stuff and get absorbed in it, unfettered by your old obsession.

  7. Advice says:

    After a certain age, around 30, if you’ve had good success with women they just no longer have the same ability to energize you and attract you. At first I struggled against this, but now I just accept it. It could be a physical libido thing, or a psychological thing (once you’ve been fairly successful at it and see what it’s all about, it no longer seems like such a big deal. At first you’re really curious about what a really pretty girl might be like, then you find out, repeatedly, and it’s good but not that special, and you no longer have anything to prove to yourself), or a combination of both, but be aware, Roosh, that you might never get the same old frenetic interest in girls back. It might be gone forever.

  8. Vinci says:

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  9. Gezs says:

    Well written. All true.

  10. king says:

    The cynicsism from the player lifestyle is a small price to pay to learn the dark reality of women.

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