A period of success, hard work and driven motive can often exhaust even the most willing and energetic men.

These fatigue spells come and go in cycles for me. I came to a new place, full of energy, blinded by the bright lights, encouraged by the local beauty and motivated by the new challenge. Time passed, I continued to work, succeed, and prosper. These successes lead to changes where by I would only oblige in slaying the highest quality and most feminine women available to me. My spare time declined and I simply had no desire in slaying anything that was just “above average” instead seeking the top tier talent.

My goals changed, my measures of successes had changed, had I changed as a person also? Experiences change former experiences, it’s no secret. It is through your experiences in life whereby you grow as a person. Of course I had changed, I learnt more, discovered more, and experienced feelings that were potentially foreign to me previously.

This journey however took away the drive that I had upon my arrival, I wasn’t freshly landed with a large quantity of motivation any more. I became more and more picky with who I spent time with, more and more critical with any flaws I noticed and less and less attached to people that came and went.

The rest period was inevitable, I’ll still do what I do best, but at a different working pace. My energy might be better spent towards other pursuits and passions during this period.

I have little doubt that I’ll rekindle the flame that burnt so brightly just over half a year ago.


5 thoughts on “Fatigue

  1. Howard says:

    What goes up. Must come down..

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