Comfortable Growth?


One thing that always pops up in my mind is whether growth and comfort can co-exist.

As humans, we are designed to be lazy and enjoy the comfort in stability.

The issue with comfort is that over time things the skills, thoughts and abilities that initially lead you to that position begin to fade, you forget that enabled you to experience comfort in the first place.

Look at every successful person out there, they didn’t get there by relying on comfort, chances were taken & risks were involved.

Growth requires humans to test the outer boundaries of what is known to us. It takes willingness to get out of that predefined comfort zone, to look awkward, to make mistakes and by definition, to be uncomfortable and not run away from the discomfort. Many people often live by the motto that “If you are not growing, you’re dying.” Sure, that sounds great in writing but it’s not so simple. The problem with growth is that you’re forever running on a hamster wheel, only momentarily enjoying the hard work that you’ve put in.

Sure, you can enjoy comfort, but the mistake of imbalance arising from too much comfort is a deadly trap. So many people end up too risk-averse. They settle into that comfortable path that enables them to live that placid middle-class suburban life in that one city their whole life. They are too afraid to go against social norms and the marriage, mortgage, kids lifestyle begins to fall upon them. The deeper they get within it, the harder it is to defy.

It becomes obvious which is the correct path that enables you to be the best person you can be. Comfort should can be chosen after great success, but only temporarily, because comfort is vulnerability and growth is strength.

16 thoughts on “Comfortable Growth?

  1. LuisAZ says:

    so true, i think that a lot of people will struggle to admit to themselves they settled for that comfortable place in their life which they are fine with rather the exploring and taking that chance. Nobody wants to die wondering on what could’ve been.

  2. gillbarcoz says:

    You’re right, it can’t – but what’s important is what you value. I don’t look down on people who chose comfort, their circumstances may warrant such a choice. Not everyone can grow forever.

  3. arctic wolf says:

    if it aint broke why fix it.

  4. Remy M says:

    you really have become a self-development expert these days

  5. 187 says:

    you can’t be limitless, push yourself until you peak to that limit, once you’re there you’ll often find that you can go that bit further.

  6. Kinda New says:


  7. Tina says:

    If something is hard then its worth doing, if its easy then you gotta question if its even worthwhile. Are you even pushing yourself?

  8. Insider says:

    Good concept, hard to follow in RL

  9. PG says:

    sounds like an investment plan

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