Only in this era

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Only in this era do men act like men, men act like women.

Only in this era has the whole buzz word of “gender equality” been pushed to the extreme that biological differences in men and women are ignored.

Only in this era are heterosexual men being shamed for having natural human desires.

Only this era has given rise to the pedastalisation of homosexual culture.

Only in this era is it so easy to fornicate with an attractive girl, but so hard to find a worthy wife.

Only in this era we see people so confused with themselves that previously unknown terms such as “pansexual”, “cis gender”, “sapiosexual” are rampant.

Only in this era we are given the opportunity to see rampant hypergamy in its truest form.

Only in this era are false “rape” accusations towering through the roof due to women’s poor choices and its associated guilt.

Only in this era we have a culture that is the most sexualised it has ever been yet normal hetereosexual males will struggle to take advantage of this due to the mainstream culture that they have been brought up in.

Only in this era we can see over-weight, obese women demanding attention from men normally well out of their reach in sexual market value.

Only in this era the joke of “feminism” has been pushed to extravagant lengths.

Only in this era, women place further emphasis on career over family.

Only in this era do women need validation as much as they need oxygen

Only in this era we are witnessing an attack on the family unit and a cultural collapse from within.

Only in this era, every liberal cause come forth and been supported beyond a reasonable expectation.

Only in this era do deluded seacows, warpigs and landwhales strut around and boast about being easy lays.

The future looks grim, clue up, or get in line to be swallowed up.

13 thoughts on “Only in this era

  1. Katherine D says:

    this is so depressing. I wonder what will happen in 10 years. this era is bad as it is but the future looks even more grim. pessimistic but realistic.

  2. Gertrude says:

    The family unit is finished if modern feminism is adopted by the masses and deemed to be mainstream. It’s sad but society needed to end in some way.

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  4. JArd says:

    fuck bro you make the world sound depressing as shit

  5. oh my gids says:

    Depressing as fuck.

  6. Faison says:

    This seeriously is the saddest post you’ve ever written. kudos to writing it though

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